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Final girl preferences ( ON HOLD ) by Anti-socialTeenager
Final girl preferences ( ON HOLD )by Anti-socialTeenager
I love this movie and have never seen any fanfic about it so i thought I would make one.
The Little Cub: Prince Caspian by XMcCallSisterx
The Little Cub: Prince Caspianby Sophia/Kadee McCall
Book #2 of The Little Cub trilogy Very AU The pevensies are back and are not alone as Elizabeth is back to her home once more meeting a prince named Prince Caspian she a...
Scream Queens by Paty324567
Scream Queensby Paty324567
New girl Emma is excited to start her college year with joining the famous Kappa Kappa Tau (KKT) sorority along with her friends Zendaya and Grace. At the same time Wal...
Horror games by zombaeunicorn
Horror gamesby That one user whom always has...
Four friends find themselfs trapped in four differnt horror games
Fanzoned - l.h. by __lucashemmings__
Fanzoned - l.h.by Luke Hemmings Girlfriend
"Listen I have to tell you something" "yeah" "I have been a fan of this band for 3 years.. and i will never stop being a fan I'm sorry i lied to...
Lover Boy (Dwayne x reader) by gentle_dreamer
Lover Boy (Dwayne x reader)by gentle_dreamer
Dwayne and you have been friends since his oath, it was a bit difficult to befriend him, especially because of his vow of silence. You managed to anyway, especially beca...
Scream Queens by mauinunez
Scream Queensby Amado Nuñez
The girls of Kappa House are dying for new pledges... Kappa House, the most sought-after sorority house for pledges, is ruled with an iron fist (in a pink glove) by Chan...
North Star by milfae
North Starby Emily
" No matter what I'll be your north star always right next to you , supporting your every decision, no matter where life might take you"
Masterpiece 🍂 by AliceIsTheName
Masterpiece 🍂by Alice 🧘🏼‍♀️
'Do you even have an appointment?' I asked him, puzzled. He shrugged, looking down at the ground. 'I don't even care,' I rolled my eyes and grab a new canvas to put on t...
We are the New World [Carl Grimes #TWD] by XMcCallSisterx
We are the New World [Carl Grimes...by Sophia/Kadee McCall
Inspired by AMC's hit the walking dead Very AU Madison Dixon is the little sister of two idiot brothers Merle and Daryl Dixon except one of those she calls moron actual...
zombieland 2 by dgarza1121
zombieland 2by dgarza1121
Columbus, Tallahassee, lil rock, Wichita were leaving pacific playland,and they find a house ,when they get attacked one of them gets kidnapped, and they go to get back...
lost without you {5sos au} by sweaterpawmukeaf
lost without you {5sos au}by r.i.p alan rickman
They said six months. That's all it would take. I only had six months left with my best friend, with the only person in the entire world -no, the entire fucking universe...
Letting Go (Colby Brock) by KinkyBrock
Letting Go (Colby Brock)by ˏˋ B ˎˊ
"It's better to let go than to hold on."
A new school  (Dylan O'Brian and Shelley Hennig fanfic with many others) by Stalia_Stydia_24
A new school (Dylan O'Brian and S...by Cynthia McKee
Malia Jonson the new girl at school she bonds with the popular clique and so dose her brother Jackson. It seems like all fun and games until one day the kids rented out...
Angel With A Shotgun (Zombieland/The Walking Dead Fanfic) #Wattys2018 by AnnIsAmazing
Angel With A Shotgun (Zombieland/T...by "Fight Like a Girl"
"An Angel with a Shotgun fighting on the war back. I don't care heaven wants take me back" All Right Reversed © 2016 Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) Belongs To Th...
We Will Rock You - An Abigail Breslin Love Story by minagerges1992
We Will Rock You - An Abigail Bres...by minagerges1992
it was a cold night when Abigail was walking home from writing another song about Michael Clifford when she tripped on on something that will change her life forever. Lo...
Celebrity Burn Book by sadboimike
Celebrity Burn Bookby 🐷🌸
"@nialovelis dont hate the player, hate the game"~ @michael5sos Its not my fault if you get butt hurt And I sure as hell wont be apologizing for anything I pos...