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Just By Putting On a Smile by DemiEffinLovato
Just By Putting On a Smileby Mc D Love🥵
Demi Lovato, the Disney star who went crazy. She was admitted into rehab at 18 for self harm, and eating disorder, drug addiction and alcohol addiction. At 19, she's try...
Drapple  by Hawthorne_Light
Drapple by Hawthorne
[contains: Humour, sarcasm, on purpose bad writing, swearing and sexual references] You've been warned... now have fun! #6 BritneySpears 22/April/2019 #4 romeo&juliet 20...
Finn Wolfhard smut by IneedatishDolans
Finn Wolfhard smutby karley marley
If you wanna bust a fat nut then read :)
We'll Catch You by DemiEffinLovato
We'll Catch Youby Mc D Love🥵
Demi Lovato is 15 and under lots of pressure while working at the X Factor USA with Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland, Paulina Rubio and Britney Spears, and possibly a new jud...
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Dream is a pop singer???! (Dream x reader) by sftjsoo
Dream is a pop singer???! (Dream soft bear
This is the result of boredom because of staying in quarantine for the first week --------- Dream is actually a pop singer internationally known, and that's why he hides...
LoveGame (Sousuke X Male!Reader) by Ikoru1208
LoveGame (Sousuke X Male!Reader)by Kakashi's Lover
Me: I'm gonna do this! I'm gonna write. The voices in my head: NO NO PLEASE NO GOD SAVE US Me: huh, rude. ----------------- Hi! Wondering how you found yourself here? Me...
Dance Poems #GifPorn by AthenaShakespeare
Dance Poems #GifPornby AthenaShakespeare
***FREE STORY***This #GifPorn anthology is inspired by dance, mainly ballet, lose yourself in a fantasy of words... Animated images that bring these poems to life featur...
Dimon/X Factor oneshots  by oneofdemiswarriors
Dimon/X Factor oneshots by oneofdemiswarriors
Some dimon oneshots, will update whenever I get inspiration or requests :)
Tony Lopez - Damsel In Distress by xlemoncheesecakex
Tony Lopez - Damsel In Distressby xlemoncheesecakex
this story is a chaotic nightmare that i tend to write at 5 AM. basically Tony Lopez has been kidnapped and i along with Britney Spears and The Pussycat Dolls need to re...
Can You Hear Me?..cause Heaven can wait so make it back it one piece by MB-143
Can You Hear Me?..cause Heaven MB-143
When it comes to the 90s and 00's throwbacks, it's all about the tv shows, music videos, movies, slow jam, the gangsta rap, bopping your head to the hip-hop beat, the fa...
Milkshakes & Memoirs: Book 1 by nabibeebutterfly
Milkshakes & Memoirs: Book 1by nabi
Rory McKenzie tells the remarkable story of how one incident that happened with her late sister, Piper, in school had changed her sister's life forever. On the first day...
Zoey 101: Reunión by BritneyRose99
Zoey 101: Reuniónby BritneyRose99
Hay veces qué la vida nos junta con gente que deseamos, o que no, pero, si te reunieses con alguien que piensa, se ve y habla igual qué tú?
stuck in nostalgic01 by intrusivebutera
stuck in nostalgic01by ari.
taking you back in time 💫
You Wanna Piece of Me? by multi0luvs
You Wanna Piece of Me?by ♡
Hollywood. Red carpets, concerts, fans, tour buses, makeup, hair, designer outfits. What's not to love? When Hollywood becomes to much for Miss American dream what happe...
Britney spears lyrics by ReadingISLife52
Britney spears lyricsby ReadingISLife52
I think the title is self-explaining. Hope you enjoy ^_^ !
Club: 30, a Smooth Criminal Story  by multi0luvs
Club: 30, a Smooth Criminal Story by ♡
What happens when a girl and her best friend go to a club one night and a mysterious man shows up? Read more to find out!!