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Laxatives by gikwangcalvinkleins
Laxativesby gikwangcalvinkleins
What could go wrong if you combined 1D haters with laxatives? Well, everything. This is a short story that depicts everything that had went wrong. SHORT STORY. This will...
Detention {Harry Styles} by AFanOf1D
Detention {Harry Styles}by J
This is the story of how Jennie falls in love with her rude, young math teacher, Mr.Styles. She shouldn't want him, nor does she believe he will want her back, but he wi...
Perfectly Fake ~ Niall Horan Story by cuteedirectionx
Perfectly Fake ~ Niall Horan Storyby cuteedirectionx
Lillianna DuBois and Niall Horan are two teen idols to the world, both with pushy and overpowering managements who decide to choose the pair's fate by planning an arrang...
Cam-Boy by peachylarries
Cam-Boyby N.M.
Au where Harry is a cam boy and his roommate finds out..
Scared Of Healing by ellerose65
Scared Of Healingby ellerose65
She's been through so much. No one deserves the lot she's been given. When her whole world seems like it's about to end, she meets the people who will save her life. Can...
Larry Texts by WolfstarandLarry
Larry Textsby ✨Whore✨
Harry and Louis are married (of course) and these are convos they have
Friends With Benefits by jesysparabatai
Friends With Benefitsby Lauren
"There is no us. There's never been an us. It's always been you, me, and sex. That's it." Kat Miller's life was all about dance and nothing else. That is...
Harry Styles Imagines.  by Nataliemartin_
Harry Styles Imagines. by Natalia :)
Some little imagines of Harry! REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Disclaimer: some of these stories might be smutty. They are indicated with an * in the title. Don't read if you are u...
One direction Sick&Hurt fics {On Going}  by LisanneOorthuis
One direction Sick&Hurt fics {On G...by Lies
Sorry for any grammer mistakes, english is not my main language. ;) -- The chapters are getting better along the way. --- Also idk how many chapters I write or anything...
drunk love -a haylor story by taytayproblems
drunk love -a haylor storyby she!they
where two normal people fall in love, but one gets famous. they meet again, years later. everything has changed, but one thing is the same.
Criminals - ls ✔︎ by xstxlxnsxn
Criminals - ls ✔︎by xstxlxnsxn
[COMPLETED] "we've got to get away" What if a criminal organisation takes over the town where the innocent Harry lives. And what if he falls? 𝗛𝗶𝗴𝗵𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝗿...
Belonging to someone (One Direction Story) by htrager
Belonging to someone (One Directio...by htrager
Heather is a little 8 year old girl, who lost everything, she's just looking for someone to belong to, Zayn Malik, adopts her and shows her that no matter what she is...
Pizza Boy - l.s. by its__sia
Pizza Boy - l.s.by its__sia
"There's nothing to eat in this house!" "Just order some pizza!"
One Reunion? (larry Stylinson) by multifxndomchronicle
One Reunion? (larry Stylinson)by multifxndomchronicle
It's been 5 years since highschool ended and liam,niall,zayn,harry and louis split up.Louis still misses them all,especially one particular member.But when their school...
tiptoes|| L.S. by GaladrielElf7
tiptoes|| L.S.by Alec Vermillion
"Why do you hate me?" "Cause your everything I want" Harry is a ballet dancer who was forced to move to New York with his mom, leaving behind his boy...
A Little Bit Of Trouble (ID Spanking) by xo-victoria
A Little Bit Of Trouble (ID Spanki...by Og.suhhh
Sequel to "Behave Yourself". Book 2. This is a Zouis (Zayn Louis) Spanking Fanfic, Harry,Niall and Liam are they're kids. This is not ageplay!!! Hope you enjoy.
Kidnapped {1st Book} by FNAFLuver
Kidnapped {1st Book}by FNAFLuver
Stacey is a beautiful innocent teenage girl. Her best freind is Kristen and when Kristen starts talking to boys over the Internet Stacey joins her. But that was the wors...
Dress [Niall Horan] by niallstesi
Dress [Niall Horan]by Tesi
While being in the studio with Julia, Niall had an idea for a new song. After opening up to Julia about his past relationship, they wrote a song. A song that made her re...
Your Distance - l.s. by its__sia
Your Distance - l.s.by its__sia
Distance is a social platform that (just like other social platforms) can display the distance between 2 people. Louis Tomlinson had chosen someone that was 287 kilomete...