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I Blue You |Leonardo x Reader| by EriMisu
I Blue You |Leonardo x Reader|by EriMisu
What dangers approach you when you have this "special" relationship with Leonardo Hamato Betrayal? Heartbreaks? Injuries? P.S this is just a fanfiction, I don'...
She Is Our Little Angel (TMNT Sister Fanfic) by thriller5
She Is Our Little Angel (TMNT Sist...by 馃巸鈸冣摌鈸濃搻馃巸
馃挅Sequel to 'TMNT Daughter Scenarios'馃挅 Published: July 10th, 2019 End: August 18th, 2019 Meet Athena Crosswire who is half ghost and human living by herself in NYC sinc...
Raph x Reader by EmilySkelewolf
Raph x Readerby Lady of WIP
When you, the turtles, Casey, and April all go to Space, you all go on incredible journeys. But, when Mona comes into the picture, your heart breaks into more then two p...
Donnie x reader (tmnt) by laifangirl88
Donnie x reader (tmnt)by laifangirl88
You were a teenage girl who had to deal with school. now teenage mutant ninja turtles who had to keep you safe from the shredder!!!??? How could life get anymore easier...
The Adventures of Turtle Titian and Mikey? by BubblyMikey24
The Adventures of Turtle Titian an...by 鉂勶笍#饾暐饾暀饾晼 饾晹饾暊饾暆饾晻 饾暉饾晼饾暓饾晼饾暎...
Michelangelo always been rejected and overshadowed by his older brothers. Sick of their teasing, He went in the portal. He have enough until he stumbled across...
Donnie One shots (2012) by RegisterRemi
Donnie One shots (2012)by Remi
One shots of Donnie from TMNT 2012. You can request ideas.
!!CURRENTLY ON HOLD!!Bitter End - A Donatello and Reader love story. by LlamafromSpain
!!CURRENTLY ON HOLD!!Bitter End...by LlamafromSpain
HELLO AND WELCOME PEEPS OF THE INTERNET! Welcome to my book !! Regardless of how you ended up finding this story, I hope you'll enjoy it ;) In this work of fiction y...
Leprechauns Aren't Real? by Mileradon
Leprechauns Aren't Real?by Mileradon_Works4Now
When Donnie switched his gaze away from Mikey's pity party to look at Raph, he noticed something uncomfortable flicker in Raph's eyes, something Mikey entirely missed. T...
His Violent Teddy Bear || Raph X Reader by nerdintheflesh
His Violent Teddy Bear || Raph X R...by nerdintheflesh
You and Raph....Raph and You....what's better than that?
The Origins  |Skoliver| by ThunderOJ
The Origins |Skoliver|by ThunderOJ
"So I was wondering... do you want me to stay the night with you? after all it's pretty lonely here with just the doctors!" I winked and nudged her left arm a...
TMNT: Imagine This! by NyxxPunnings
TMNT: Imagine This!by Ravenfyre Pentrust
Okay, so this is my first book on here. And, basically, what I'm gonna do is write up situations, like "Imagine (Insert Name) Doing this" and so on so forth. H...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Elemental by haii_itz_lexii
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Eleme...by haii_itz_lexii
(I do not own this story the original is on Quotev) Katrina is a VERY unique 15 year old girl, who's parents are dead and crazy alien robots chase her every night as she...
TMNT: A New Friend by artgamerforever
TMNT: A New Friendby artgamerforever
Imagine if your world had suddenly changed just from meeting a special someone. To a young, energetic, kind-hearted girl, Delilah believed her days were to be spent tryi...
T.M.N.T: La venganza de Diabolengo, el heraldo sangriento by Djcalanon
T.M.N.T: La venganza de Diabolengo...by DJCalanon
Hace mucho tiempo que Shreder muri贸 y los Kraang desaparecieron, las amenazas del mundo y N.Y ya no existen mas, la vida sigue, Caesy Jones y April O'niel tienen una rel...
The Story of a Fangirl by LlamafromSpain
The Story of a Fangirlby LlamafromSpain
This book is like any other book. Look inside and you'll see! PS: This is the new version of my old story "Donatello X Reader" (Now called "Tmnt Imagines...