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tmnt 2003 yaoi by AubreyLong5
tmnt 2003 yaoiby Aubrey Long
TCEST one shots by DipperBipper
TCEST one shotsby Reader-Lover-God
Just basically TCEST one shots this will not form a story it's just random things I can think about that is about TCEST. WARNING: yaoi boyxboy sex swearing blood cutting...
Fifty Shades of Green (TMNT Fanfic) by redwritingdesk
Fifty Shades of Green (TMNT Fanfic)by Red
Winner of Most Interesting Crossover in the TMNT Fanfic Awards 2016!!! Shy and reserved Donatello Yoshi doesn't expect much when he walks into a job interview at Hamato...
Leo and Donnie's love stories (one shots) by sydatello
Leo and Donnie's love stories (one...by Leotello b!tches🤪💘
oneshots of Leo and Donnie's love story I take requests so leave some plz! Story by: Sydniebryant06 Cover by: @CuteLeoxDon Co-writter: @CuteLeoxDon
Leotello oneshots!  by NatsumiComatose
Leotello oneshots! by Natsumi Comatose
Smut, sex, yaoi (ka-DUH!) i take requests too!^^
The Truth Or Dare by sydatello
The Truth Or Dareby Leotello b!tches🤪💘
Hi there my name is Sydnie, and this is mine and the turtles truth or dare book so you can leave your OC's and dares! I love y- Mikey stop eating the pizza! Anyway I lov...
Give your 💖 a break~ by SilverandShadow
Give your 💖 a break~by Love yourself💘
Donnie and April were dating. Donnie found out that April cheated on him with Casey Jones. Donnie broke up with her and locked himself in his room. Cutting himself. Leo...
Leo x Donnie [ Leotello Pack] by donniesenpai
Leo x Donnie [ Leotello Pack]by ohoho
Hi leotello shippers around the world. 👋 here I show you the sexy, kinky scenes of Leo and donnie. 👀👅... let's start. come with me. Envy written by: Jessica Arney Nig...
Ask Leo And Donnie! by sydatello
Ask Leo And Donnie!by Leotello b!tches🤪💘
Donnie: hey Leotellanators! People suggested that we should make a ask Leo and Donnie! Leo: and since we have just got together, and you all helped us, it's the least w...
Human TMNT: Abuse by lovemykitten
Human TMNT: Abuseby lovemykitten
This is a human TMNT fanfic where Leo and Raph are bothers who meet brothers Donnie and Mikey. But what happens when they find out Mikey's dad is abusing him. Can they s...
Magic is in the Air or is it Love? by sydatello
Magic is in the Air or is it Love?by Leotello b!tches🤪💘
Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo were separated from a almost fatal fall in the sewer, when Hamato-Yoshie tried to find them a home. what Yoshie didn't kno...
THIS IS HALLOWEENby Just Another Fangirl
Tmnt HALLOWEEN one-shots. Who wants to tremble in terror? MWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
The Only One {TMNT Fanfiction} by Angel_Wolfie
The Only One {TMNT Fanfiction}by Potato!
Leonardo. Leonardo Hamato, was raised along with 'his' brothers. But the truth about Leonardo. Is that he isn't a boy. Leonardo was a female from the beginning. She take...
TMNT Pictures by TMNT_Mikeys_Girl
TMNT Picturesby DragonGoddess65
In this book will be TMNT pictures that I find online... probably a lot of RaphxMikey since thats what I ship but whatever. I do not own any pictures!
Human Ninjas by BlackandWhitePain
Human Ninjasby NapstaBlook The Lovely Ghost
Leonardo and the Gang have been turned into humans along with master Splinter. The Gang who are now humans, still has their turtle like abilities.
The Turtles by Uzamaki22
The Turtlesby Uzamaki22
Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello are best friends who are trying to become a world-famous band. They have the singer Leo, The electric guitar player Raph and the bass pla...
TMNT Tcest by SwearWolf13
TMNT Tcestby SwearWolf13
Group of TMNT Tcest one shots.
Perfume And Kisses by allonoidextremee
Perfume And Kissesby Allonoid Extreme
A fictional romance book that tell us a perfume store owner named donatello. Who was inlove with his costumer named leo,
The Nerd's Date by allonoidextremee
The Nerd's Dateby Allonoid Extreme
A fictional book that tells us a story of one highschool story when a new student transfared named leo, that has 2 close friends. One of them have a crush on leo.