Glowing Eyes || Adopted by Josh Dun

Glowing Eyes || Adopted by Josh Dun

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It's Questionable By _its_questionable_ Completed

Lynn Whitcher didn't come from the best family. Her mother abused her, and her older brother was in jail. The only place she could escape was a coffee shop, where a man with red hair worked.

He would buy her coffee so she wouldn't get kicked out, and talked to her once his shift was over at midnight.

Her world was turned upside down when she got the call informing her that her mother had died, and the man with red hair agreed to foster her until she had somewhere to stay.

It all seems so surreal, and she can't help but wonder when she'll have to leave her new life behind. 



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Tessipoo_13 Tessipoo_13 Oct 09, 2017
Josh: don't talk to strangers 
                              Lynn: but I'm talking to you
JoshDunForLife JoshDunForLife Mar 18, 2017
When you realize she's known Josh for 3 weeks she said and that 21 days. 21 Pilots.
LilNinjaXx LilNinjaXx Dec 15, 2017
Is he gonna pay for the rest of it. Cause I can tell coffe there is not 4 dollars
Roast_Me Roast_Me May 26, 2017
I thought she didn't have service? Oh well, this is AMAZING so far
uriellylame uriellylame Nov 12, 2017
Ugh this is so beautiful and well written. I wish I could write like this. This is art
JoshFandom JoshFandom Apr 25
What did your brother do? It seems like he murdered someone while driving drunk while robbing a bank!!