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The 'BIG' Interview : 2030 ✓ by TheSmeraldoGirl
The 'BIG' Interview : 2030 ✓by The Smeraldo Girl
A tale of romance, friendship, success, struggles and loss set in the BTS World set in the year 2030. An interview that shocks the world and brings to light the hidden t...
A Edwin Fanfiction Highschool AU by writerxwithxhope
A Edwin Fanfiction Highschool AUby Ar-Arthur
Edward Elric, orphan, the new kid in town, 16, one brother -Alphonse- Chemistry freak all over, and in love with the Auto-Mail freak Winry Rockbell. But she belongs to t...
Tarabiscoville is in Trouble in the year 2030 by jatnp_jizzy
Tarabiscoville is in Trouble in th...by jatnp_jizzy
In the beginning there was Ice cub and Lily Fay, they were not only teammates and friends, but they had a special feeling in their hearts. But in the year 2030, things d...
Roblox x SMG4 X Murder Drones: Guts and Blackpowder 2 by Marcus_PH
Roblox x SMG4 X Murder Drones: Gut...by Bravo Ten Hopp
Centuries after the Plague and Napoleonic Wars... during Liberation Night in Ukraine in year 2030 A new strain of virus that turns people into Undead hits in the modern...
BİLEKLİK. by tuanapasa10
Arkamdaki adamlardan koşturarak kaçıyordum. Koşucu olmama rağmen o kadar uzun süre koşmuştum ki artık bir adım dahi adım atacak takatim kalmamıştı. Adamlarla aramda bira...
Future Hope by Disgracelittlemonste
Future Hopeby Disgrace little monster
Elraina Silver is the daughter of John Silver who is trying to understand more about herself and one day she met someone who will change her destiny. How will the future...
G×K:THE AFTERMATH Pt.1-2 by Isiscath
G×K:THE AFTERMATH Pt.1-2by 𝐈𝐬𝐢𝐬 𝐶𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐝𝐫𝐚𝐥
After The Battle of Godzilla×Kong:The New Empire Godzilla returns with 5 years Passed in Year 2030 with Godzilla Teaming up with New Allies Alongside Kong & His New Son...
Legion: Gray Meadow by quersir127125
Legion: Gray Meadowby quersir127125
Six months after the super hero team the underdogs disband, Asriel parks opening a cafe (Rainforest roasts). Asriel faces of against a gang who threaten the safety of th...
Terms & Conditions || Park Jung-gil [Tomorrow] by SopeOnIce
Terms & Conditions || Park Jung-gi...by Dilho
Sang Deiji, a kpop Idol is constantly bullied by her members for falling behind in learning their choreography, is destined in taking her own life; However, it backfires...
Thirty Days With Nick (Sneak Peek) by cynthiagreen
Thirty Days With Nick (Sneak Peek)by C.G.
Thirty days of September. Thirty days of love. Thirty days for the both of us. "Stay with me. Promise me you're never gonna leave." © Copyright 2013 Cynthia G...
A Survivors Guide To The Apocalypse. by Thomas-S-Bray
A Survivors Guide To The Apocalyps...by Thomas-S-Bray
When the world ends like the snap of a finger, the drop of a pen, you dont expect survivors or you expect survivors that are slowly dying due to some random reason, you...
2030 by ItsMeJO3
2030by ItsMeJO3
Arthur journeys through a post-apocalyptic world searching for a new purpose and meaning in what remains.
The First Daughter by thekreatorz
The First Daughterby BrownRice&BlackBean
Teenage Raeyvin goes through a lot when she's being sent to a new school all for her protection. She has to find a new identity and new way of life. She discovers secret...
Look Alive Sunshine by zebumblebee
Look Alive Sunshineby Sam
"BL/ind offered happiness in a pill." California, 2030. Eleven years after the four Fabulous Killjoys were ghosted. Nothing has really changed, apart from the...
Death Marks the Spot  by KittyKittyGirly
Death Marks the Spot by Buttercup
People on a list to die in a row. With an accident that occurs and the people in it they already set themselves for death. They don't know but death does. Clues leading...
Survive - Das 1. Kapitel by Weltenwandlerin_
Survive - Das 1. Kapitelby Die Weltenwandlerin - Xanya
Im Jahr 2030, nahe New Jersey, führt eine Explosion einer Gas leitung, in einem Chemilabor zur Globalen katastrophe. In nur wenigen Tagen verbreitet sich das Virius CS0...
Best Friend Forever by DanaMarie026
Best Friend Foreverby Danabanana
Hope you guys love it . Its true story btw
NEXT GENERATION SEQUENCING  Market 2019 Trend, competative landscape by dorotheapiper
High-throughput sequencing otherwise known as next-generation sequencing is revolutionizing microbiology and medicine with the continuous development of sequencing techn...