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Top and Tail [boyxboy] [slash] by AlyWasHere17
Top and Tail [boyxboy] [slash]by Aly
Forced to share his bed with an attractive stranger, Ash Jamieson suddenly finds himself confronted with feelings he thought he'd repressed. ...
My angel [Solar x Ruin] (AU) by S0L4RV01D
My angel [Solar x Ruin] (AU)by S0L4RV01D
So in this universe Eclipse got to Solar before he could defend himself so hes dead- but hes Ruin's guardian angel now!! i just came up with this on the spot so sorry if...
SHORT BRAHMS STORIES/ONESHOTS 🤭🤭🥰🥰 by iluvbrahmsheelshire
SHORT BRAHMS STORIES/ONESHOTS 🤭🤭...by iluvbrahmsheelshire
《Say it with me boys~》 {Hazbin Hotel X Reader} by Wolfieblood-claw
《Say it with me boys~》 {Hazbin Hot...by Wolfie blood-claw
《cover not made by me, however is edited》 "Say it with me boys~" "Da Da, Da, DaDaDaDa~" "Da Da, Da, DaDaDaDa" "RaLa,LaLaLa~" &q...
'Why you?' | Jax x Ragatha fic | 5TAR by 5TAR_Z
'Why you?' | Jax x Ragatha fic | 5...by 5TAR
idk what im doing haha.. STORY COVER IS NOT MINE!! MY FIRST REAL STORY😱😱 anyways jax x ragatha😋
Odd One Out [Original work] ✔️ by vannonpad
Odd One Out [Original work] ✔️by 🤍wattpadloverྀི
"Noana is a strong-willed teenager who finds herself at St. Catherine's Academy, a prestigious British school far removed from her diverse upbringing. As an outside...
Heart Of Chain by yui1to10
Heart Of Chainby Silver moon
two girl met each other when they were at high school . they became bossom friends but somehow they get separated . but at last ,what happened?
BASK [Solar Eclipse Book 3] by OneAndOnly0004
BASK [Solar Eclipse Book 3]by TheOneAndOnly0004
After CatNap's death, and DogDay getting captured back into the daycare life, DogDay begins to go crazy, getting sick and tired of his new so-called "friends."...
I'll always be here for you (ft. dadzawa) by Crivxx
I'll always be here for you (ft. d...by Alisson
I ran to the bathroom and went into the big stall. I sat down on the ground barely breathing. I was tapping my chest so I wouldn't dissociate. I hated dissociating. I he...
Aiden Ships (disventure camp) by Aiden_Loves_Smut
Aiden Ships (disventure camp)by Aiden_Loves_Smut
(a one (or 4) shot(s) of people aiden is shipped with:3) !BAD SPELLING/GRAMMAR BCUZ I SUCK AT WRITING BRO
one broken soul by lanz_phen
one broken soulby lanz_phen
A hero who is seen as the villain who just wants peace, then a villain who seeks revenge but is seen as the hero of the story. This story is inspired by~ nothing. This...
Lover (A Luca x fem reader inquisitormaster fanfiction) by simp54897
Lover (A Luca x fem reader inquisi...by simp54897
Y/N and Luca have been best friends since school and have always liked each other. But Y/N gave up because she thought it was never Going to happen so got into a toxic...
After The End (ZADR) by BlixySpace
After The End (ZADR)by Jay
(TWs: Swearing, Blood, Anxiety attacks, slight self harm) Hi!!! this is my first fanfic that I'm gonna be sharing- And of course- It's ZaDr!! hopefully you'll enjoy! (I...
The lustful doctor by Dipstick108
The lustful doctorby Dipstick
🤤💥Bakugou x y/n Spicy doctor NSFW/13+
Kylo Ren Imagines/Smut by KyloRensToy
Kylo Ren Imagines/Smutby Author
I write some sexy imagines about a sexy man named Ben Solo/Kylo Ren. Requests are open
《♧~Nsfw And Sfw Concepts~♧》 by The_dark_Pansexaul
《♧~Nsfw And Sfw Concepts~♧》by Zero
Ima just write what nsfw stuff comes In my head or I find I'll put credits if I know them
Married my robber (18+!!) [abandoned] by h2912_XD
Married my robber (18+!!) [abandon...by EMBER 💞
Lesbian love story (18+!!!!) ⚠️TW⚠️ Novel contains: Language, Violence, Smut, and Rape (⚠️READ HERE⚠️) Note: I made this when I was 12, I am now 13. I will finish unfini...
Fearless a Taylor and Miranda Fanfic  by Stellaride2020
Fearless a Taylor and Miranda Fanf...by Stellaride
Taylor Kinney and Miranda Rae Mayo are married and have two beautiful girls!! What will they do to handle a horrible situation? Their daughters have a 14 year age diff...
Genmui/bl/teen au/Demon slayer by that_shipperanime27
Genmui/bl/teen au/Demon slayerby Ur_shipan!me
It was the twins first day for school(Mui&yui) they get unexpected dorms w unexpected dormates...will something happen? Love or hate?