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The Way You Make Me Feel - A Michael Jackson Love Story by moonwalkergal
The Way You Make Me Feel - A moonwalkergal💋
It all started in 1987, when supermodel; Tatiana Thumbtzen is casted in Michael Jackson's music video, The Way You Make Me Feel. Is it really true to see your love at fi...
  • fanfic
  • badtour
  • kingofpop
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He Saved Me by mjxn15
He Saved Meby mjxn~
Mia had seen far too much by the tender age of 11. She was abused and treated like an animal for most of her life. One day her mother beat her senseless which landed her...
  • daughter
  • mjforever
  • mjfam
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Eternal by foreveramoony
Two people connected by their souls, 27 years away from each other. Michael Jackson is at one of the loneliest points of his life. No one understands him and they all w...
  • fanfiction
  • moonwalker
  • fangirl
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Life Saver//Michael Jackson Fanfiction by accio-moonwalk
Life Saver//Michael Jackson 🎶✨🎙
{AU where Bad Era MJ is in 2016, and is still in school} Cassandria Delgate is a antisocial, book-smart 11th grader. One day, a boy comes to her school as a new student...
  • moonwalk
  • fandom
  • fan
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\.A Tender Touch./ by hisliberiangirl
\.A Tender Touch./by [skywriter]
a fan and her biggest idol falling for each other is cute. them fighting a battle against lies, fame and their pasts is a whole other thing.
  • mjmoonwalkerawards2018
  • badera
  • moonwalker
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Sex Instructor (Michael Jackson fanfiction)  by AngelJackson_1958
Sex Instructor (Michael Jackson AngelJackson_1958
"FIRST LESSON FREE" read the flier. Angel, is adventurous enough to take these... particular lessons. When she meets her teacher, she is told that these lesso...
  • teacher
  • mjfam
  • thekingofpop
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 Michael Jackson Fanfictions Recommendations by Raneera
Michael Jackson Fanfictions Vivian
I'll mostly focus on stories which are underrated. What counts as underrated? Anything less than 100k.
  • thrillerera
  • michaeljackson
  • badera
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Michael Jackson imagines (HEAVILY EDITING)  by applehead7122009
Michael Jackson imagines ( applehead7122009
  • moonwalker
  • billiejean
  • saveneverland
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kol mikaelsons unknown twin daughters by Jessie_by_essie
kol mikaelsons unknown twin Jessie_by_essie
what happens when kol has a one night stand with a woman named skyler salvatore in 1997 before getting daggered by his step brother Klaus again. but he was unaware that...
  • cullen
  • moonwalker
  • mikaelsons
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Michael Jackson Zodiacs by MikeyLovesMe
Michael Jackson Zodiacsby 𝙎𝙠𝙞𝙩𝙩𝙡𝙚𝙨
Different scenarios with Michael for all the zodiac signs! This is my first book so enjoy guys 🤗
  • mj
  • gemini
  • astrology
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ZODIACS || MJ by PeaceHugsHippieLove
ZODIACS || MJby <3
Big Book For All The MoonWalkers. #441 in Random
  • zodiacsigns
  • horoscopes
  • mjj
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You Ain't Bad || Michael Jackson by MissJackson777
You Ain't Bad || Michael Jacksonby ♚månevandring♚
{Michael Jackson Fanfiction Awards winner 2016} {Bad era - 1987} COMPLETED. Becky Costello attends Montclair Prep College. Her parents dead, her brothers seemingly non...
  • romance
  • jackson
  • moonwalker
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Michael Jackson{Imagine} (14+ Bring it to life) by lovelytentacion17
Michael Jackson{Imagine} (14+ Franjessica Sims
  • mikezilla
  • invincibleera
  • moonwalkers
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Michael Jackson Imagines Book 1 by foreveramoony
Michael Jackson Imagines Book 1by DO•YOU•REMEMBER
I will be taking requests. If you have ANY, I will be glad to do them. Thank you for taking the time to read this book.
  • fanfic
  • fangirl
  • mjfam
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Coitus {Michael Jackson} by manaiyaa
Coitus {Michael Jackson}by Nai ♡
You think he's bad... but he claims to be dangerous. Whatever he said to you, keep it in the closet. Otherwise, all secrets and desires will seep out. And he might just...
  • kingofpop
  • badera
  • michael
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Michael Jackson Imagines  by gweeniiiilana
Michael Jackson Imagines by gweeniiiilana
In this book you will find all sorts of imagines you can think of with the King Of Pop and you: funny, sexy, cute, sad... Requests are always open!
  • love
  • michaeljackson
  • mj
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Partners {Michael Jackson}  by manaiyaa
Partners {Michael Jackson} by Nai ♡
A story about two people... a boy and a girl... who used to be the best of friends... then suddenly had a fall out. Five years later... it's their last few months before...
  • sadness
  • highschool
  • moonwalker
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The Lady in His Life by GoldenCoastBabe
The Lady in His Lifeby GoldenCoastBabe
Michael Jackson has passed away. Everyone and their mother has written a book about Michael, bashing him, praising him, telling true (or not so true) stories involving h...
  • lovestory
  • romance
  • jackson
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REM | mjxag unused scenarios  by moonwalkin_bird
REM | mjxag unused scenarios by 🤠 yeehawin 🤠
title is self explanatory!! requests are open!! no smut tho. will be doing x reader and mostly a lot of ag x mj so yeee
  • michael
  • offthewallera
  • ariana
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michael jackson imagines by sebasstan
michael jackson imaginesby #𝐒𝐀𝐕𝐄𝐒𝐏𝐈𝐃𝐄𝐑𝐌𝐀𝐍
❛ to give someone a piece of your heart is worth more than all the wealth in the world. ❜ ©sebasstan × MICHAEL JACKSON IMAGINES ×
  • moonwalker
  • michaeljackson
  • historyera
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