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Camp Crushed noah schnapp X reader by notreallyirl
Camp Crushed noah schnapp X readerby Plant-plant
As part of the "Kids can act" agency, you get sent on a retreat with your fellow acting friends, but when something happens, you cant go back
  • camp
  • noahschnappxreader
  • documentary
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Silence Is Louder (L.S au) by 1Dering_About_You
Silence Is Louder (L.S au)by Abby
Louis, a naturally-born mute, hasn't been able to talk. Not because he doesn't want to, but because he can't. No matter how much he wants to hear his own voice, he just...
  • surgery
  • medicalissues
  • littlethingscontest
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EVER SINCE NEW YORK  || HARRY STYLES  by Siriusly_Slytherin
Shea and Harry had dated for two years but after a brutal breakup the two of them did their best to ignore each other, only seeing each other when absolutely necessary.
  • harrystyles
  • hate
  • one
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Fake It | #wattys2019 by BornToWrite47
Fake It | #wattys2019by Fallon Elizabeth
Sugar McKenzie has a loving, weird family and friend. Twenty-four years old, she searches over the internet after a long day at her full-time paramedic job. You know th...
  • loveyoursoul
  • romance
  • enemiestofriendstolovers
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Jazs's Journal  by Divya_Adu
Jazs's Journal by Divya_Adu
A collection of my daily journal entries , thoughts , poems , memories and emotions ... Will be updated regularly
  • documentary
Dinosaur Documentaries by -Sunfoxx-
Dinosaur Documentariesby Sunfoxx
Basically a book that follows different dinosaurs, but in story form? I haven't seen people do this so I guess its new. Don't comment anything like, 'oh, these dinosaurs...
  • documentary
  • ihavenoideas
  • prehistoric
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Rivals in a cabin (boyxboy) by XMelodyX_
Rivals in a cabin (boyxboy)by XMelodyX
Dorian Bowman and Hayden St. Martin have been rivals from day one. What started in kindergarten has evolved over the years. Now that they will be seniors next year, th...
  • neighbors
  • bxb
  • romance
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thoughts  by escapean_
thoughts by /
documenting the life i don't talk about to people. Cover Image goes to its rightful owner.
  • random
  • life
  • thoughts
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Flowers and 11 O'clock coffee by commonfreak
Flowers and 11 O'clock coffeeby commonfreak
My thoughts inked in words
  • poetry
  • poem
  • love
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Don't Lose Focus : A Photography Book by -pastelaliens
Don't Lose Focus : A Photography Avery
A book of photographs on a website for writers. All images are mine. Looking for feedback and critiques. This book consists of A Level work and random pictures that I've...
  • student
  • streetphotography
  • nonsense
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YAAASSS QUEEN: Queer Eye Comes to Hogwarts by MotherofBulls
YAAASSS QUEEN: Queer Eye Comes MotherofBulls
The Fab Five face their greatest challenge yet: Rubeus Hagrid. He's got no closet, no bathroom, a bad recipe for rock cakes, a fifty-year-old moleskin coat, and an overg...
  • makeovers
  • madammaxime
  • jvnisobsessedwithsnape
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All of me by babyandy2019
All of meby babyandy2019
a story about me
  • bio
  • documentary
  • autobiography
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LITTLE HORN (Marilyn Manson's Daughter FanFic) by gr4veyardbaby
LITTLE HORN (Marilyn Manson's 🐮
With a week until Myah's due to start filming her three week documentary for school, she gets a FaceTime call from the one and only, Marilyn Manson. Still shocked with t...
  • fanfic
  • marilynmansondaughter
  • music
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GREETINGS FROM CALIFORNIA; american  vandal by Enchantress316
"You might not have been my first love But you were the love That made all of the other Loves irrelevant" Set during season one of the Netflix original mockum...
  • summer
  • california
  • gluck
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The Hate I Feel by mckenzierlewis
The Hate I Feelby mckenzierlewis
Here we go again, another documentary about my feelings. This one will go a bit more in detail. This documentary is about the people in my life that have been unfair to...
  • documentary
  • feelings
  • thoughts
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MELANCHOLY ▹ RANTS, TAGS, ETC by themikaelsonclan
࿐☆*:・𝐦𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐲 ━━━ ❝ WE HAVE WHAT WE HAVE WHEN WE HAVE IT ❞ in which a teenager basically just complains about anything & everything. disclaimer: cringe overl...
  • etc
  • nonfiction
  • daily
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VEGAN by Brokengirl855
VEGANby Finally Alive
Why should you be vegan? Here's why...
  • venting
  • takethisintoconsideration
  • readthis
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an escape | A Documentary of Kyle Broflovski by Bisexuali_Tea_
an escape | A Documentary of Bisexuali_Tea_
This book is a way for me to get any of my ranting out without being annoying. When I just message someone and rant to them and they respond with 'k' or 'huh', that nev...
  • kylebroflovski
  • helpme
  • helpneeded
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IN ARLES by v____ore
Crime is art.
  • interesting
  • crime
  • tcc
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Documentary; j.d.b by httpJB
Documentary; j.d.bby P R I N C E S S🥀✨
"This is me...this is real..." -Justin Bieber Cover Credits: @dammnnbieber
  • tour
  • documentary
  • fanfiction
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