Chapter 6

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Y/N, Y/N, Y/N; you are way more beautiful than we expected.

You'll find out who we are...soon.

You still don't know anything, Y/N. Our past is as sickening as yours.

We have so much to explain...for now; sleep tight, sweetheart.



This is not acceptable. Who do they think they are?! Urgh. Just urgh. I have to find out who men...? this coincidence or fate? That's the same thing is it not? Ha, silly me. This is no time for joking around. I've got to find out whether these men are the same people in my nightmares; and quick before anything unholy could happen in this mansion. 

Determined to uncover who these boys really are, whom you have just met yesterday: you come to a sudden stop. "Oh no." I sat up straight on my bed. "I guess I didn't see this coming...I need a plan."

With that said, I get straight into forming a masterplan, although, at this moment my brain cells seems to be malfunctioning. Right now, what its doing is, visualizing different events of the plan, in different slots of time, but just can't seems to connect it together.

"Okay, you know what? For now, I'll get familiar with them, then eventually I'll find out..." I sat still staring into space when-

Y/N, you will get to know soon.

You're impatient, I see.

You don't have to come up with a plan, you know?


What the freaking hell is going on?! Am I hallucinating? Why do I hear them when I'm awake now? This is weird. Can it be them? I hate it when I have so many questions but not knowing any answers for them. It's so frustrating. Okay Y/N, keep calm and smile. I can't let the guys notice something's up.

Being a lazy bum that you are, you head to the washroom to freshen up. You had a dress that you would normally wear at home, so,  since this is your 'new' home...Today's feeling; let your hair down gurl!

Now, I get to explore this humongous mansion

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Now, I get to explore this humongous mansion. I really have to explore this place, it should be fascinating. I place my hand on the doorknob; rotating it clockwise. It's just, I've got this strange feeling something's not right here. The aura- the aura radiating from this place is just enough to give you the jeepers. Oh I don't know, I'm horrible at descriptive writing, you see.

Opening the door, I was met with a dark, damp hallway. It's all gothique; I like gothique style but never lived in one. Cool. I kept walking until I met a flight of stairs. Hey, its white for a change. Going down, I heard whispers and chattering. I slowed down, taking my steps as light as feathers. Knowing eavesdropping is considered a sin, but I did it anyway.

"How are we going to tell Y/N?"

"Let's take our time, Yoongi. Let's not hurry."

"Namjoon, she's gonna find out someday."

"I know Hoseok, I just don't feel its the right time...yet."

"If we keep hiding it, concealing it from her; she could find out-"

"Through her dreams, yeah, we know that already Jin hyung."



So it is them, but I can't be sure cuz it was clear about what they were talking about so seriously. However, they mentioned about my dreams....Most of all, I don't have any proof. I'm in a huge dilemma, I hate this. For the first time, in a long time have I ever felt- blank. Totally- blank. An expression close to blank written all over my face, I descended down the stairs not giving a shit about their 'important' meeting.

"Y/N!" A huge bunny (Jungkook) came dashing towards me, offering a hug for which I gladly returned.

"Jungkook-ah, how are you?" I asked, released from a rather strangling bear hug.

"Shouldn't we be asking you that?" Yoongi questioned back, with a hint of sarcasm.   I glared at him.

"So, Y/N, are you feeling good now?" Jin asked, checking me from head to toe, probably checking for any signs of 'hurt' in me.

"Yeah, Eomma, I'm fine..." I replied, rolling my eyes; smiling a bit. Jimin bursts out laughing while the others had a poker expression, clearly not giving a damn.

"Yah, Y/N, why don't you go explore this mansion? It is pretty huge..." Taehyung suggested, out of the blue.

"Good idea, Tae." Agreeing, I smiled at him.

"Tae...I like it." A boxy smile automatically appearing on his oh-so-perfect face.

And so, I went exploring; not caring about breakfirst.


It's been along time right? Sorry for the late update...


I missed the live, again...

I love you Kim Seokjin!!!

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I love you Kim Seokjin!!!


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