Chapter 16

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Snapping out of the trance which I was in, I decided not to wake Jin up and made pasta for dinner. It was not all that hard 'cause I used to make it back in my old house, when I used to live alone. Just when I was about to wrap up, I heard footsteps behind me. Turning back, I see Jin walking towards me with his hair all messy; he looks cute...

"Hey, Y/N. If I remember properly, I might've asked you to wake me up before dinner, so that I can have dinner ready." He speaks in a raspy voice as he just woke up.

"Ah, don't worry about that Jin oppa; I've got it all sorted out. I made pasta." I show him the plates which I had piled pasta for the rest of the guys.

"Y/N, I have too much debt to pay back." He whines, making a pouty face. I laugh. He really wants to pay me back, doesn't he?

"No worries, Jin. I don't take debt that seriously." I said, so he cools down. Instead he starts walking towards me, and realizing his actions, I ran and called all the boys down for dinner. I look at Jin, who was giving me a 'you're no fun' expression. I mouthed sorry at him, playfully.

The boys rush downstairs at my call. "Why is Y/N calling us for dinner today?" Hoseok, who arrived first, asked me. I smiled, and replied, "Its because I made dinner today: pasta." He looked at me and smiled brightly. "That's great! I can't wait to taste your pasta!" He exclaimed and ran towards the dining table.

Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook came next. "What's all this commotion about?" Jungkook questions, looking around. "Is Hoseok causing pandemonium again?" Taehyung asked, blanky as if it was so normal, that it happens daily. "No, no, no one is causing a pandemonium here. I called you'll for dinner." I explained, calmly. "Princess, did you make dinner by any chance?" Jimin asks me and I immediately blush. I'll never get used to him calling me princess. "Oh My Gosh, Y/N, do I really make you blush so hard?" Jimin coos, a smirk lingering on his lips. "Okay, okay, that's enough. Too much cringe." Taehyung voices, disgusted. He looks at me and gives me a wink. They walk off to the dining table and I follow them, shaking off the feeling.

Everyone was there already; Namjoon and Yoongi had come while Jimin was literally flirting with me, and I failed to notice them come down. I sat down next to Jin. They started devouring the food, while I stare at them waiting for their response. When they didn't give any, I became impatient and asked, "How is the food?" They stopped and looked at me, while sharing glances with each other and spoke, "Its really great, Y/N!" They complimented unitedly, making me smile. "Oh, Thank God! I was afraid it didn't taste good." I sighed in relief and dug in myself.

After dinner, I helped Seokjin collect the plates, wash and dry them; we did it together. It was fun washing dishes with Jin; he'd always make bad dad jokes, which made me drop on the floor from laughing. However, it all had to stop when Taehyung barged in and dragged me to his room. I waved bye to Jin and he gave me cute flying kiss which I caught gratefully.

Taehyung seems to bepissed, he knocked open the door with his legs and threw me inside. I was about to hit the ground face-first but thank God I balanced my self before it could happen. I turned around, faced Taehyung with a glare; he, doing the same to me."What is wrong with you, Taehyung?" I yell at him, angrily. What is seriously wrong with him to make me almost knock the life out of me?! I was boiling inside when Taehyung answered me. "What do you mean 'What's wrong with me?', what's wrong with you?" He yelled back, pointing the finger at me. I gasped, "How dare you raise a finger at me, huh? What am I to you?" I scream at him, almost close to tears. At the question, his expression softens when he realizes what he had done. "Y/N, I-I'm..." He stutters. "I'm sorry, Y/N. I didn't mean to point the finger at you or yell at you, its just..." He trails off, not knowing how to explain. I calmed down and listened. "Its just I was kinda jealous that you were having fun with Jin rather than with me." He explains, apologetically. "Aw, sweetie, you didn't have to feel jealous at all. I was gonna come to your room just after washing the dishes." I walk towards him and hold his hand, hoping he'd understand. He suddenly looks at me with his cute boxy smile, "Really?!" He exclaimed, happily. I nod my head in agreement.

Then in what looked like a millisecond, he started towards me and as a reflex, I started moving backwards only to be met by the corner of the bed which prevented me from walking any further. My breath hitched as he came closer as the time goes by and hover on top of me, who was now on the bed staring at his unreal facial features which were hella mesmerizing. His smirk was the only thing worrying me at this moment, remembering our make-out session in the kitchen; he could get dirty, but I should learn to control my emotions.

He grabs my wrists, pinning them over my head, stopping me from struggling. "Babygirl, don't try so hard 'cause you're not leaving me any time soon." He whispers in a hoarse voice which sent shivers down my spine. With that he smashes his lips onto mine, hungrily, as if a predator devouring its prey. He lets go of my wrists as I kiss him back and snake my arms around his neck, fully immersed in the kiss. Taehyung bites my lower lip, asking for permission, as I give him without hesitating. It was sloppier than the previous encounter with his lips but the heat in the room made the kiss even more sensational. I moan into the kiss, making a smile form on his lips. He breaks it, trailing wet kisses from my jawline to the collarbone, which forces me to moan uncontrollably. Without my knowledge, he had had his fangs piercing into my skin. Yeah, it was painful, but it was at a point where I couldn't distinguish pain from pleasure; it was something to experience.

He pulls out and licks the part of skin he had just bitten. I, finally waking up from all that pleasure left me drowsy. I can't imagine how it'll be if I fuck them, I mean, them just kissing me can make me feel this way then imagine how it feel to have their di- Wait...what's wrong with me? What am I thinking? Something seriously is wrong with me.

Taehyung, who was still hovering above me, was scanning my face. Equally, I was staring at his. Finally, he plopped next to me and the next thing I know was he was cuddling me, instantly making me drop my eyelids, welcoming sleep.

I was in a foreign place; I haven't seen this place before...It looks like a...Church? Huh? Am I supposed to know this place, I mean, I haven't stepped out of this mansion since I, I don't really know? What's interesting is, I see someone. It's a lady, is it? Then I realized who she was when she faced me. It was her: Kang Bora.

"Hi, Y/N. Its been a long time, has it not?"


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