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over again
eight, the truth comes out part three

over againeight, the truth comes out part three

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"Excuse me?"

Rebekah may have laughed at her brother's expression had they been in a different situation, but this was serious. Her family just found out Klaus could have children, and their reactions were calmer than she had imagined they would be.

"Finn is right, Nik." Rebekah told him.

"Vampires can't have kids, Rebekah, we're dead." Klaus insisted.

"You're right, vampires can't have kids." Rebekah agreed. "But werewolves can. You were born a werewolf, magic turned you into a vampire, a hybrid. You're half werewolf."

Rebekah shoved Kol off the couch, forcing him to trade spots with Klaus. Klaus huffed once he was beside Rebekah, resting his head on her shoulder. Rebekah wrapped her arm around him, resting her head on top of his.

"How is that possible?" Elijah asked.

"We figured it was because his wolf wasn't suppressed anymore. Niklaus is different to other hybrids in his line. They all started as werewolves and transitioned into vampires. He was turned by magic, not by another vampire. He unlocked his dormant werewolf, slept with another werewolf, bun in her oven." Freya told him. "Basically a magic loophole."

"Very comforting." Klaus grumbled.

The siblings sat in silence for a long time until Kol spoke up. "So, are you going to keep telling us the story or?"

He yelped when Finn, who had to reach around Elijah to even get to him, hit the back of his head. "Finn! What the hell?!"

"You deserved it." Finn deadpanned.

"Thank you, Finn, you're now my favourite brother." Rebekah's grin widened as Kol, Elijah and Klaus all started at her. "Kidding."

"I apologize, Finn, my eldest, most lovable brother." Kol said dramatically, moving further from Elijah when he saw Finn's arm twitch.

"Are you okay for me to continue, Nik?" Rebekah asked quietly. He nodded.

"Alright, so, I didn't get there when Nik and Elijah did. I wasn't going to go at all, actually, but Elijah insisted. But when I showed up, Elijah wasn't there anymore and I couldn't get in contact with him. Anyone want to guess what happened to our brother?"

"Klaus daggered him." Sage said from where she sat.

"Sage is right so don't bother getting pissed about it, Nik." Rebekah said. "I met the wolf Nik got pregnant, who I won't name. She told me that Klaus told her Elijah 'bailed', so I went to talk to Nik. On top of all that, we discovered that Marcellus was still alive and he's ruling the quarter."

"Marcellus is still alive?" Elijah and Klaus asked in unison.

"He is," Freya said. "He's also not too nice, he planned on taking us down multiple times. Succeed with some of them."

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