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over again
two, mystic falls

Rebekah knew she had to start planning

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Rebekah knew she had to start planning. They had been making their way to Mystic Falls when she realized that she would have to store the information somewhere, just in case she somehow forgot, but there were things she knew for certain. She was going to try her hardest to save Finn, no matter what, she had already mourned him twice and did not want to go through that again. She was also saving Kol, being human wasn't worth it-she hated ever taking the cure. She was also going to try her hardest to stop Silas from rising, she had a while until that one though. Klaus would become a father, she would even kill Marcel if necessary. Even after pining after her for hundreds of years, he left her when she needed him most. She would help Freya with whatever she needed, as Freya was there for her.

There was more, of course, but now they were back in Mystic Falls. She stood at the back of the truck as Stefan started to wake up.  "What happened?" Stefan asked as sat up.

"You took quite the beating," Rebekah told him as she leaned against the truck. "My brother has been snapping your neck all afternoon, I got a few in there as well."

"Why did he bring us back to Mystic Falls?"

Rebekah rolled her eyes. "You can stop playing dumb, Stefan, we figured out what you were hiding."

"I'm not hiding anything. I've done everything Klaus has asked me to."

Rebekah raised an eyebrow. "Just failed to mention the doppelgänger's still alive."

"Where is he?"

"Hopefully killing her, our family isn't a big fan of doppelgängers."

Stefan rushed at her, both flying out of the truck, just like he did last time. "Where is she?"

Rebekah grunted. "You really do love her don't you?" She pushed him against the truck, punching him, before taking a crowbar, the hook behind his neck as she pulls him towards her. "It's a shame she's taken a liking to your brother." She said while driving the crowbar through his stomach.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Rebekah walked through the hall of the school, listening to Caroline and Tyler's conversation, looking at the phone Klaus had given her. It wasn't what she was used to, considering that yesterday she had been on her deathbed decades in the future, but she had been playing with it on the drive to Mystic Falls. She had also caught up with her brother about everything she missed over the years, something she hadn't done the first time around.

Rebekah walked towards them in the hallway, putting her phone in her pocket. "You two are adorable."

They both turned to her. "Uh, do we know you?" Caroline asked.

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