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over again
ten, baby witch at the ball

over againten, baby witch at the ball

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Katherine Pierce was terrified.

There were many people afraid of Katherine Pierce, but there was only one thing that Katerina Petrova was scared of. The Originals.

She didn't know why she accepted the invitation to the ball; she had only just escaped from Klaus and Elijah again. Maybe it was the fact that Elijah hand-delivered it, and she has had a crush on him for over 500 years, or maybe it was the fact that even after all she did, Klaus still didn't kill her.

Either way, she showed up. She assumed that the Salvatores would cover up the fact that there were two Elenas there. She had been avoiding the Originals all might, specifically Klaus and Elijah, all night. She was stopped by Kol not long after she arrived to give her a warning. Well, it was more of a threat. She had only met him twice in the past; he had simply told her to leave town before his brothers showed up. If she wasn't gone by nightfall, he would call them.

He told her not to try anything with his family, and if she did, he would drain all of the vervain from her and leave her with his siblings.

Katherine listened. She wasn't an idiot.

Taking a drink of champagne, she scanned the room, noticing the Salvatores not so discreetly pointing at her.

"Yay." She muttered to herself sarcastically, quickly downing the rest and placing it on a passing tray. "This should be fun."

━━━ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ━━━

"What do you mean we have a problem?" Stefan asked as they watched the Originals stand over everybody.

"For starters, Katherine Pierce is here." Damon pointed her out to Stefan.

He opened his mouth to ask if he was there when he saw her, only feet away from Elena. "I thought she was gone for good?"

"Me too." Damon chuckled dryly, gulping down champagne. "But now we have her and the Originals to deal with."

"And how exactly do you plan on dealing with them, boys?" Katherine's voice came from behind them. "You don't think they'll kill you before you even try to do anything?"

"We got Mikael to town; who's to say we can't do better?" Damon asked her, rolling his eyes. "We're not baby vampires anymore, Katherine. We can take them."

Stefan shot him a look as if to say, what the hell, we clearly can't, that Damon ignored in favour of downing another glass of champagne.

"You don't know them, Damon," Katherine warned him. "You don't know what they can do, what they'll do for each other."

The three of them looked towards the family, who talked amongst themselves, more relaxed than they had ever seen.

Katherine looked at the brothers once more. "Now that they're together, they're more dangerous than ever."

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