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over again
seven, the truth comes out part two

Freya Mikaelson had reunited with her family after a thousand years

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Freya Mikaelson had reunited with her family after a thousand years. Finally. Although it wasn't the way she was hoping, and somehow her little sister had found her coffin and had taken her to Virginia, she could finally see them. Well, except for Henrik, but he's dead.

"Rebekah?" Freya whispered.

"What's going on, Bekah?" Klaus asked. "Why did you call her sister?"

"Niklaus, honestly." Rebekah didn't take her eyes off Freya. She was proud of herself for not breaking down at the sight of her sister, but she didn't know how much Freya knew. "I need you to think for a few moments."

"Rebekah," Freya whispered again. "I died, how am I back?"

"What?" Rebekah asked. "You wouldn't have died unless... oh bloody hell."

"What do you remember?" Rebekah asked suddenly, the two daughters of Mikael ignoring their brothers.

"I was on my way to Keelin and Nik from visiting you, then there was a group of at least thirty witches around me," Freya told her. "They basically bound my powers than killed me."

"Okay, well, it's 2010." Freya's eyes widened.

"But that was in..."

"Will someone explain what's happening?" Kol cut in before pointing at Freya. "We met in New Orleans. I know you."

"Hello, Kol." Freya smiles softly. She turned to Rebekah. "If it's 2010... do they know?"

"Nik knows the basics, I didn't tell him about you or her though. Just deaths." Rebekah said, before turning to face their siblings. She was about to speak but was interrupted by Finn.

"No," Finn managed to get out through his shock.

"Yes," Freya countered, taking a step towards him, smiling softly when she noticed her other brothers tense. "We used to climb up into the trees when we were planning on a bit of mischief." Finn stared at her with wide eyes. "Never wanted Mother to hear what her little Huginn and Muninn were whispering about."

"It can't be." Finn took a step forward. "Freya?

Freya grinned, closing the space between them and hugging him tightly.

Rebekah ignored her family's questioning looks, waiting for her eldest sibling to pull away before she spoke. "Alright, brothers, Sage. This is our big sister, Freya, who was taken away from us by our aunt. Most of you know her as the sibling who died of the plague before Elijah was born." The brothers, except Finn, stared back with wide eyes. "Freya, you know our brothers, of course. And this is Sage, Finn's wife. She was, um, dead, last time."

Freya turned to Rebekah. "We should probably tell them the truth. And you can explain your theory on how I'm back, too."

They all moved to the couches as Freya and Rebekah stared at each other for a few moments before hugging each other tightly. "I've missed you so much," Rebekah whispered.

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