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over again
four, the tale of the originals

Rebekah knew that Elena and her friends had seen the markings in the cave

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Rebekah knew that Elena and her friends had seen the markings in the cave. There was no way to hide them, but she did not care about this too much. After checking her journals and going to school, she decided to call her brother and tell him what happened on her way to cheerleading.

"Nik, did you see any ghosts yesterday?"

"Ghosts? Can't say I did." Klaus was silent for a moment. "Did you see a ghost?"

"I did," Rebekah told him. "Mother sent a ghost to try and kill Elena the other day, and the Bennett who sent her back needed up opening a door so people on the other side could pass through."

"Who did you see?" Klaus asked curiously.

"Ayana came to talk to me." she said quietly. "Basically, our mother started a cult and is planning on coming back to life."

"Sounds like something she would do."

Rebekah nodded, not caring that her brother couldn't see her. "They also found the carvings in the cave. I don't know how they did it, but they found them, Nik." Hearing footsteps behind her, Rebekah glanced back to see Elena walking towards her. "I'll call you later, the doppelganger is coming over." She placed her phone in her bag and turned to Elena.

"What do you want?"

"I was hoping we could talk," Elena told her.

"About what?" Rebekah asked.

"This," Elena said as she held a photo of Rebekah's name written in runic on the cave wall. "I'm curious why you and Klaus have spent a thousand years running from your father."

Rebekah turned to walk away. "Curiosity will get you killed."

"Well then, maybe I'll ask Mikael when we wake him."

Rebekah stiffened, not enough that Elena would notice. Even after he had died, Rebekah still feared her father. "Nobody knows where he is." She said without turning back.

"So, then who's rotting in that old cemetery in Charlotte?" Elena countered.

Rebekah spun around. "If you wake Mikael, we are all doomed!"

"So then, tell me." Elena paused momentarily. "Why don't you want me to wake him?"

"He's my father, it's my decision," Rebekah told her sharply. She thought there was more time before he was awakened. "I need to get back to the girls."

Later, at the Salvatore Boarding house, Rebekah had texted her brother, telling him that Elena was asking about Mikael. "What's up?" Rebekah asked Elena as she walked in.

"It's time for us to talk."

Rebekah raised an eyebrow at the demand before turning. "All right girls, have at it!" At her words, six girls in various coloured homecoming dresses walk in the room. She was probably going to pick the red one again, but it was nice to have options.

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