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over again
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"Wait a minute- you two are twins?" Freya asked

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"Wait a minute- you two are twins?" Freya asked.

"I assumed you knew." Rebekah blinked. "I guess it never came up in conversation."

"Yes, they're twins and they are dreadful," Klaus told his older sister.

"Now, Nik, that's just mean." Kol pouted, shoving Klaus over and sitting beside Rebekah again.

"1686 and Yule of 1436." Elijah countered and Freya didn't miss the looks the exchanged.

"What happened in 1668 and 1436?" Freya asked.

"We don't talk about it." Rebekah insisted.

"Don't forget 1012." Klaus pointed out.

Kol nudged Rebekah. "Okay, 1686 and 1012 may have been bad, but we can tell her about 1436, at least."

"We're not talking about 1436." Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah said in unison.

"Even when they were children they were always causing trouble," Finn told his sister but didn't mention 1012, 1436 or 1686, the latter tow he had watched from the other side. "They were only a few winters old when they decided that they should try and tackle Mikael to get out of collecting berries for mother."

"Finn," Rebekah ground, hiding her face in Kol's shoulder.

"Let me continue or I tell her about 1012." Finn nodded when she stayed silent. "Anyways, Elijah tried to stop them a few times, but they didn't listen. While Mikael was talking to Ayana, they ran up behind him as fast as they could and latched onto his legs. He was shocked, obviously, and as a result, Kol and Rebekah didn't let go of his legs for the rest of the day."

"Do you live to embarrass us?" Kol asked him.

"Quite possibly." Finn nodded. "It brings me joy."

"Wait, you and Dahlia are linked, aren't you?" Kol asked Freya. "So that means that she would be up now, wouldn't it?"

"We are linked, yes, but we have over a week until she wakes." Freya explained.

"Do you two know where everything is to defeat her?" Elijah asked them.

Freya and Rebekah shared a look before Freya turned to Klaus. "You have Mikael's ashes?"

Klaus blinked. "Obviously."

"Then yes, we have everything we need," Freya answered Elijah.

"Why do you need Mikael's ashes?"

"To defeat Dahlia we have to have an enchanted blade forged with the three sources of Dahlia's power: Norwegian soil, the ash of a fallen Viking and the blood of the one person she loves most. Last time, we discovered that it wasn't Freya, and we had to resurrect mother to use her blood as the final ingredient. We know where everything is and what we need now." Rebekah told him. "We'll deal with her in a few days."

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