chapter 12

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*the next day*

"wake up" harry says kissing my cheek. i smile and sigh in happiness, before the thought of John crossed my thoughts

my smile fades, and fear runs through me. i shook him away from me and shimmied out of his arms, gaining a frown from him

"what's wrong love?" concern dripping from his voice. i shake my head and turn around. only making him more curious and concerned

"babe talk to me" when he said babe my heart fluttered, i wanted to respond back but i knew i couldn't get close.

"i'm just not in the mood harry" i lie. i grab my clothes and head to the bathroom and change and get ready for the day.

when i walk out harry is still there just staring at me.

"what?" i snap, he shakes his head and frowns

"are you ok?" he ask

"yes" another lie

"ok" he says and looks everywhere but me, to avoid the awkwardness i walk out and find Alex asleep in Niall bed cuddled up.

"wake up bud" i woke my son, i get him dressed and feed him breakfast.

"hey me and Niall and avery have to go to an interview, but the other boys will be here" harry says, i just nod not looking at him

"ok then, bye love" he says lightly touching my body making my shoulder feel on fire. i let out a breath i didn't know i was holding and just nod already missing his touch


* 2 hours later*

*Unknown, TICK... TOCK..... YOU HAVE LIMITED TIME, sorry sunshine

I look around and nervously make the stupidest mistake i could ever make

*To unknown, Leave me alone, now. leave my son alone. we want nothing to do with you, you psychotic piece of crap

A few minutes passed and i still received no reply, thinking he finally left me alone i let out a breath and began cooking lunch for the boys and avery come back.

"Hey, what you doing?" louis ask, plopping his fat butt on the counter. i whack him with my hand towel

"get off the counter, you nasty brit. and im cooking lunch for you idiots" i say smiling for once

"how could you" Louis gasp and puts a hand on his heart. Liam then walks in and sits on a chair like a normal human being

"thank you liam" i say, he looks up squinting and confused

"for what?"

"being a human and sitting in a chair" i say pointedly toward Louis who just glares at me. Liam just shrugs and looks at his phone smiling

"why did Avery need to go to an interview?" i ask

"they want to ask questions about our relationship" i just nod and turn back to cooking, right when i started putting the food on the table, Harry, Avery, and niall walked in.

"how was the interview?" zayn says walking in the kitchen

"it was fine, just a bunch of tour questions" harry says looking at me, he nods at the chair next me asking if he can sit there. i just nod and began putting food on mine and Alex plates

"you ok?" harry says,

"yes" i say, he grabs my hand under the table and i grab his thinking it was okay as long as it wasnt out in the open. harry looks me in the eyes and smiles

right when i was about to smile back i got a message for John

*Unknown, I will never leave you alone you are mine, nobody else's. and that goes for harry, which reminds me i told you to leave him alone. you never listen and that is why you always were trouble. Everyday i get closer and i promise i will have you before you know it.

I got up quickly making everyone jump slightly

"harry can you watch Alex?" i say frantically

"yeah, is everything alright?" harry says looking concerned, (like he always is)

i sprint out of the room ignoring the question and running into the bathroom, when i get in there i close the door an lock it. i let my emotions get ahold of me and i began sobbing with pain.

John will never leave, and i am putting the boys in danger being here. i am putting my son in danger.
poor Alex, i have ruined my sons life and there is nothing i can do besides fight to fix it all

I am not strong enough for this

And with that thought i burst into tears, angrily i punch the walls letting the pain in my knuckles pain me for my stupid actions. i quit punching the wall and slide down the wall crying out for help, to no one in particular.

before i knew it i was pulling my phone out and opening my email.

Dear Romeo,

I miss being able to talk to you. you never, not even once

told me to get lost. i wish all guys are like you.

we both love the same things.

We both prepare our coffee black.

hopefully we could just get to know each other more, you know. maybe we could meet up and hang out.

Never say never. But maybe i actually like the secret identity. It's so mysterious.

that is what i like about our relationship.

Wonder how it could be. would you ever consider the future we could have?

Perhaps think about it will you?

yours forever, juliet

With everything in me i prayed he would get the message.

Please, i dont know how long me and alex have.

with that thought i began to cry silently

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