Chapter 1

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"Julia a letter for someone named Madison Watts came in the mail" Becca shouts downstairs. rolling my eyes i put my lip gloss down and rub my lips together making a pop noise. prancing down the stairs i rip the letter from Becca who was trying to open it 

"i could call the police on you for that" i say shrugging and throwing it on the table beside the couch. Becca stuck her tongue out and skipped to the kitchen, i exhaled and looked over at the letter. furrowing my eyebrows when the envelope had small letter in the corner saying 'love you' i picked the letter up and seen that there was not name just the initials H.S. who does that? obviously this person and it frustrates me. 

i groan "Becca do everything you can to stop me from opening this" i shout to the kitchen to my best friend, getting upset with my curiosity. Becca comes from the kitchen smirking 

"i could call the police on you for that" she says mocking me from earlier. i grunt and hold the letter up to the light to try and read it but seeing nothing. still examining it, it suddenly is ripped from my hands making me jump startled. Becca begins tearing it open making me grab her hand 

"you really can go to jail Becca " i say seriously, she smacks my hand away making me pout and rub my hand 

"not if they don't find out, ill open it and ill give it to you to read while i go see if Alex is still sleeping, deal?" i nod in agreement letting my curiosity get the best of me. she tears is open very slowly making me annoyed that when the letter finally is out i snatch it away and get up and walk to the window hearing Becca snort and upstairs.

*Dear Madison,

I have a lot to tell you ever since i joined the band, first i have to apologize for my behavior and attitude toward you, im truly sorry for everything i said to you before. I did not have the nerve to say this over the phone or in person cause i didn't want to make a fool of myself. I love you and i always will so please contact me i have important things i need to tell you. things i should have said long ago

love, H.S.*

i almost felt bad reading this, it was personal and important for Madison to read this but still in the back of my mind i asked myself questions.

What so important? where is Madison? what happened between these two?

"you should write him back, tell him Madison doesn't live here anymore"

"but what if he gets mad that i read his letter?" i ask fear sweeping into my mind 

"what's he going to do send you a nasty letter?" she ask fake gasping and chuckling. i chuckle and agree anyways

"was Alex still sleeping?" 

"yes very peacefully" she said with loving eyes

"thank you for always watching him" i thank my roommate and give Becca a hug. 

"im going to write now, go make us dinner please" i say with puppy dog eyes, she sighs and turns around 

"always making dinner for you" she mumbles all the way to the kitchen. i walk up the stairs, passing Alex's room peeking in to see how he is doing then walking to my own room. when i make it inside i grab my journal and take out a sheet of paper.

*Dear H.S., 

I am terribly sorry that i intruded and read you letter i get super curious sometimes.
Madison does not live here no more, me and my roommate moved
in this flat six months ago. but Whatever happened between you and Madison
i hope it gets fixed. I do not know what you went through but even though i do not 
know you, i still want you to know if you ever want to talk it out and you have no one to 
go to, i'm here. i once was in the same situation with the person i love be he turned out to 
be the worse mistake of my life, but in all the bad i received good. and i know the same will
go for you. 

                                                                                                                          As always, 

(not my real name, you didn't give yours so i didn't either) *

                Sighing i pick up a envelope and stash my letter in it, jotting down all the information

and flipping it closed. walking downstairs a wave of delicious smells feels my nose and a smile is stretched across my face. Walking outside i stuff the letter in the mailbox and walk inside and up the stairs toward Alex. 

"Mommy" my two year old son says looking up at me with arm stretch being to lazy to carry his own self out the door. i blame all this spoiled attitude on Becca she gives him everything he wants.

"hey baby, did you have a nice nap?" i ask cooing in his ear. he nods and places his head on my shoulder. i walk him downstairs and slowly put him in his highchair. i cut up strawberries and gave him a little cheerios

"thanks, Mommy" my son says with a mouthful of food,, i wipe is brown locks out of his face and place a kiss on his forehead. he giggles and continues to stuff his mouth

"chew before you put more in your mouth" i say sternly

"ok" i watched him chew carefully before picking up more. i really love this little man and man am i thankful to have him. with him my life is almost complete. Almost.


sorry for the short chapter just trying to introduce the book first before getting into it

i hope you enjoy and have a wonderful even

byeeee ❤❤

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