chapter 6

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      "What'd you plan on doing today?" harry asked staring at me, while rocking my son to sleep.

"well, i have work at six tonight, so i was just going to hang out with alex till Avery got home so she can watch him"

"Me and the boys can watch him, we don't mind really"

"that's sweet, are you sure?" i say looking everywhere but his eyes

"yes, i do have a question" he said 

"ok what is it?" 

"i know i asked before but who's Alex's father?" i sigh and look at me son and rub his back slowly

"his name is John, he was my first everything. he abused me, made me get high, made me do drug deals for him, and he treated me horribly. when i got pregnant i had to leave so that alex never got hurt. so i have been hiding out, no social media just the radio and twitter." i notice harry looking at me with wide eyes and realization. 

"why are you looking at me like that?" he snaps out of it and shakes his head a little and looks down at Alex and a small smile forms

"no reason, just thought of something" he says, i nod letting it go. i just notice his smile still on his face and i found myself slightly smiling back and gazing in his eyes. the moment was ruined when Alex began to stir and he sat up looking around confused and then his eyes focused on harry. His smile got wide and he threw his arms around harry, making him let out a loud noise of surprise and a chuckle

"happy to see me buddy?" harry asked, Alex shook his head and started to cry..... being the protective mother i am i flew over to him and grab him out of harry's arm rocking him

"what's the matter buddy? you were just smiling" i said concerned laced in my voice

"i thought harreh left"

"it's ok buddy i'm not going to leave i promise" harry says walking over and getting on his knees getting eyesight with my son

"i want you to be my daddy" i literally choked on air, i probably looked retarded but i did not know my son even worried about having a dad since he never asked.... i seen harry glance at me with a smirk and looked at my son softening his look. looking at harry he could be a great dad one day but knowing he is always on the road will just hurt my son more and i don't know if i can deal with my son always being down

"i can be whatever you want me to be, little man. just ask your mom" harry said looking up at me with a sheepish smile as i give him a warning look

"mommy, an harreh be my daddy" he said giving me puppy eyes. i sigh and look over at harry shooting him a glare. he just smiled and shot me a wink

"son, harry is not your daddy" and that is when my son broke out into a temper tantrum... after five minutes of declaring harry is his daddy i literally hit my breaking point and gave in, as harry sat on his knees smiling

"ok fine, now calm down or you are going to bed early tonight and no desert" that shut up and he ran to harry and literally shrieked in his ear making me smirk and let out a evil laugh as harry glares at me.

"you are my daddy, harreh"

"yes bud, i can be whatever you want me to be" and with that i knew i was developing a crush on Harry Styles, not because the way he was treating my son (that is a plus to) , but it is because even though he knows i have a son he stuck around and enjoys being around me even though i come with baggage


"are you sure you and the boys are capable to keep my son alive for a couple hours?" i asked concerned

"yes, mommy i do. we got this, go to work missy before you are late. i'll be here when you get home" harry says placing my son down on the couch before getting up and helping me with my coat. i turn around and grab the doorknob ready to walk out when harry grabbed my wrist and turned me around.... i blushed and looked up at him, he leaned in making my eyes flutter close.
waiting for his lips to arrive but they never came instead they landed on my cheek. 

sadness seeped through me. maybe he doesn't like me afterall? maybe it's because im a mom?

"see you tonight love" with that i turn around and walk out the door blushing and wondering why i cant have someone as wonderful as him, as my partner.

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