Chapter 8

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Ever since the night Harry has watched Alex, i haven't really heard from him. I am starting to think he didn't like the kiss or just didn't like  me. every night Alex starts to cry and beg for him. and i feel so helpless like i can't do anything to help him with this. 

Sighing i grab my yogurt and began to think about 'Romeo' and why i haven't got a reply back yet but i do remember him saying he is always busy. Before i could take a bite of my yogurt Alex began screaming. 

Fear shot through me, he has never screamed like that before, when i was in his room his screams increased, i rush over to him and frantically pull him to me rubbing his head trying to calm him down. nothing was working and im freaking out 

"shh baby it's ok im here, im here" i say into his ear trying to calm him down. he screams louder and his face begins to turn a reddish purple. i began to hyperventilate while trying to keep my son under control

"da..ddy" my son wheezes out before gasping and crying. while holding his chest

"hold up buddy i'll call him" i pick him up and walk downstairs quickly and get my phone dialing harry's phone

pick up.. pick upp.. picu--

"hello" he says groggily

"harry please help , i don't know what to do" i said crying out in pain for my son who continues to hold his chest screaming 

"is it Alex?" he says frantically

"he won't stop screaming and crying, he's turning purple harry, and he's screaming your name" i frantically sob into the phone rocking my baby back and forth

"on my way, i'll be there" he says then hangs up, i walk over to a wall and slide down with alex in my arms and just hold him there trying to give him as much support as i can. i close my eyes and sobs rack through my body as i rock my screaming two year old. i didn't even hear the door open and before i knew it Alex was being taken from me and found his way into harry's arms, i looked up at harry and seen he was very tired.

"shh im here lil bud" harry kept repeating in his ear, i hated feeling like i couldn't help my son but i just want him to get better.  soon his cries turned into silent tears which turned into him snoring on harry.

"thank you, thank you so much. i didn't know what to do and he was begging for you" i say 

"of course, i'm sure he is okay. maybe just seperation issues" i nod and start to feel guilty from always taking him away from everyone. maybe it's time we stop running and fight our way through the hurricane.

He puts Alex on the couch and walks over to me, when he gets near he tucks a piece of my hair behind my ear

"your so beautiful" i blush and look down, i look up at him through my lashes 

"thank you" he just nods and smiles at me. he leans closer and i flutter my eyes close expecting a kiss but instead they land on my cheek kissing my dried tears. i look at him and we just stare at each other. i leaned in and brushed our lips together, i grabbed his neck and gently put my lips on his and we shared a long passionate kiss. he backs me into the wall grabbing my thigh pulling it up to his hip running his thumb along my bare skin. he tells me to jump and i do so, i laugh as he almost drops me and he chuckles.

"you know, there is no safer place then here with me" he whispered in my ea, i flutter my eyes close when he kisses me softly

"im done running, im here to stay" i whisper. he stops kissing me and looks in my eyes to see if i was lying, when he sees im telling the truth he kisses me hard and walks me to the room. he checks peeks to see if alex is okay before shutting the door and throwing me on the bed. 

"do you trust me?" he says i look at him an nod 

"i do" i say smiling, he closes the gap between us and pulls of my shirt.

im sure you know how the night goes

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