chapter 11

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I'm sorry i really have to skip ahead in this story to get to the main point.


Julia's POV

It's been Two month's since we have been on tour with the boys. Sure there was fans that didn't like me because i had a son or because im harry's girlfriend. 

yes i said harry's girlfriend! he asked me a month ago when we made it to texas, right before his concert.

"i'm leaving come give me a kiss" harry said walking over puckering his lips. he's leaving for an interview. i lean forward and plant a kiss on his lips 

"alex come give me a hug im leaving" he says. shortly after Alex runs out and hugs harry's legs before running back to the bunks and playing wit his toys. 

"ok bye, lock the door" harry says warningly before him and the boys leave. i look at Avery and jump on her

"ow what the heck" Avery says rubbing her head the collided with my shoulder

"sorry i was bored" i say sheepishly before giving her a kiss on the cheek

"can you make me cookies?" Avery asked, i look at her puppy eyes and then look away cause i know i will give in. i always do. 

"ok fine, just stop making that face" i say before getting up and walking to the kitchen, not before hearing her scoff. i chuckle and grab a cookie pan and start to grab my ingredients.

before i could start with the cookie dough. my phone went off with a message from an unknown person


             you can always try to run but i'm here julia, im watching you now as we speak... look to you left and out the window

Hesitantly i look up from the phone and slowly walk to the window, i know i shouldn't even do it, but as i said i'm curious. fear runs through my body the closer i get, when i make it to the window i peek out, and see nothing. nobody is there. i look at my phone to see another message from the unknown person


             watch out.

that is all it took, i looked up seeing a brick hurling toward the window, i throw myself down right as the brick flies through the window. making shards of glass enter my back. immediately pain erupted through me and i screamed.

"oh my gosh are you ok" Avery says running in, but keeping her distance and holding Alex back who was crying a begging for me. ignoring the pain i stand up and walk over to the brick, whimpering the whole way over there from the pain that kept growing in my back. picking the brick up i seen red words inked on the brick

"i found you." and that is all it took for me to let out a scream and faint.


"so let me get this straight, she went in there to make cookies and then a brick flew through the window, and it said "i found you'" niall says, i hear Avery hum agreeing

"it was john wasn't it?" harry said, anger clear in his voice, Avery just hummed agreeing again

"we need to protect her" liam said 

"he's always going to be there liam" Avery said annoyance in her voice, i frown on the inside. 

" not if we call the cops" he said arguing back

"don't you think, she has already done that?" Avery ask with sarcasm

"i will protect her, he wont get close to her with me here " harry says. everything goes quiet, then i hear footsteps coming to the bunks and i turn over acting asleep. i hear him pull the curtain back and breath  out

"i'm sorry this happened to you, i will protect you i promise" harry says rubbing his hands against my back which now has no glass in it. i act like i just woke up and turn to him 
my heart flutters at the sight of him

"thank you" i say 

"thank you?" he asked

"yes, thank you for caring and being with me even though i have a lot of problems" i say and lean forward giving him a peck on the lips feeling a fire light inside of me.

"of course i will always be here" he says before climbing on the bunk with me, carefully, trying not to hurt me.

"im not fragile harry, come here" i say annoyed and pull him into my roughly. it hurt but i'm not going to ruin my tough girl vibe i just put out.

After a while Harry fell asleep, and i shimmied my way out of his arms. i walk out the room and into the lounge room and immediately gain  pity looks. i frown and i feel anger ignite in me

"stop looking at me like that. and where is my son?" i snap.

"he is sleeping in my bunk" niall says scared. i nod and send him a small smile and walk in the kitchen seeing everything cleaned up and my phone on the counter. i pick it up and turn it on seeing another message from the unknown


          better stay away from curly, i'll ruin his life like i did yours, oh and give our son a kiss for me

My heart sped up and i began to hyperventilate thinking of all the possible ways he can hurt harry. 

then i knew i needed to stay away, for the sake of his life 

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