chapter 9

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I wake up the next morning to an empty bed but the smell of pancakes and eggs floated through the house graciously. i knew harry was still here, Avery never cooks breakfast.

I put on grey sweater and white shorts and walk downstairs, when i made it to the kitchen i see harry's back to me and i see alex on his highchair eating eggs and strawberries. i know that sounds nasty but he eats strawberries with everything. i see a tired Avery chewing her bacon slowly. this is my family. i smile with that thought and decided to announce my presence 

"good morning" i say making harry turn around and shoot me a grin before looking me up and down. i smile back and walk over to him and plant a kiss on his lips. i grab a plate and began making me breakfast. i grab a seat next to avery and give her a side hug

"we need to keep him" she whispers pointing to harry and then her bacon. i giggle and nod.

"im quitting and moving on to something new" i told avery she looked up at me shocked 


"because i want to be with Alex more and you guys i miss having you with me all the time" i say truthfully she gives me a toothy grin 

"guess what?" Avery ask


"me and liam have been on 2 dates and he asked me to be his girlfriend last night."

i spit my orange juice out which caused Alex to clap and giggle. i stuck my tongue out him and turned to my best friend 

" i though tyou been at work all this time" i feel guilt creeping in for never knowing this stuff 

"well he also asked me to go on tour with him and the guys and i accepted" i looked at her with wide eyes and shook my head

"congratulations i will miss you" i get up and throw my plate in the sink before walking to my room. the whole time i was thinking about how i am never there for Avery. im such a bad friend 

"are you ok?" Avery ask walking in my room. i look at her and tears spill

"im so sorry i haven't been a good friend and all about myself. i promise to pay attention more i want you to tell me things like this. i'm so proud of you"

"hey it's ok" she says rubbing my back 

"hey the boys are coming over to help back since i leave in a week. you and Alex should come. i mean lets just face it. Alex is a mess without harry, and you guys got something going on to"

"but harry hasn't asked me, i don't want to intrude" i say 

"he wants you to go, he already asked the boys if it is a good idea he just hasnt brought himself to ask" i look around and then look at her 

"ok, i'll go" which makes her squeal 

"we can go back to being normal" she says which makes a twinge of guilt travel through me

we walk downstairs and i see harry already changed Alex and was helping with his shoes. i dont care if harry hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend yet. he's already made his way into my heart.

"you guys ok?" harry asked picking alex up and walking over to me placing a kiss on my temple making shivers run through my body 

"hey bud, how do you feel about traveling with the boys everyday?" harry looks up at me with big  eyes and a smile

"yes, yess, yay, thanks mommy" my son says pulling on harry's curls. harry chuckles and removes his hands before ruffling Alex's curls

"thank you for cleaning him up, thank you for treating him like yours. of course you don't have to, but thank you" i say truthfully looking up at him with happiness flowing throughout me. 

"of course love, anything for the both of you. you both changed me for the good" right then there was a knock on the door. Alex struggles to get out of harry's arms then ran to the door answering it 

"niel" i heard my son shriek and then i heard louis snicker, that boy. i roll my eyes and allow them to come in 

"you guys ready for an adventure" zayn says with a smile, Alex cheers and runs up to his room with niall following him the stairs.

"Harry i missed you why did you leave me in the bed alone last night" louis says crying on harry. harry chuckles 

"i found a better cuddle partner" he says staring in my eyes making me blush in embarrassment

"you didn't ? you did! oh my gosh" liam says laughing, i just blush and roll my eyes. i walk to the kitchen the boys following 


"IM COMING!!! FOOOOOOD" i chuckle and grab the ingredients for tacos and began cooking while the others play with my son and watch tv.

Soon i will be leaving and starting a new beginning something me and alex need. 

Fresh start

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