chapter 10

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                  *Dear Romeo,

I haven't heard from you in a while, well i just wanted to tell you that i am getting a new start with my son.

the love of my life is taking me and my son away and he and his band mates are so sweet to alex. He deserves all this love, i deserve all this love. well anyways i just wanted to tell you since im leaving i can only send little letters here and there but i will do my best

your forever,


After hitting send i pack up the rest of my things which took me two hours to do. i head to Alex room and began packing the rest of his clothes with no distractions because harry and the boys took him for ice cream but they also wanted ice cream they just used alex as the excuse. still little boys in their hearts.

i was packing Alex's shoes when harry walks in the with the boys and alex and they all sit in a circle around the suitcase.

i look around curious, and then harry gives me a quick peck on my lips making the boys cover each others eyes.


"are you always going to stay with me and mommy" my son grabs each side of harry's face and pulled it close to his own face. i stifle a laugh at the cute moment

"always lil bud" i blush at the thought of always having harry here. harry leans forward and kisses alex nose who then leans forward and grabs harry nose

"got your nose" my son laughs evilly and run away, harry hot on his trails. he obviously is letting my son win

"you know he likes you" niall irish accent fills the room making me jump because i forgot he was even here

"does he? i didn't notice" i tease

"is Avery here?" liam ask i grin and nod

"in her room packing"

"so what's your favorite food?" louis ask

"taco's honestly" i say watching liam walk out the room

"how old were you when you were pregnant with alex?" zayn ask looking at the baby boot of alex's

"twenty" i say looking at the boys infront of me. i need to get closer to them. i know they wouldnt hurt me

"where's the father?" louis ask

"he's looking for me, he wasn't good for me. im on the run. well i was i have decided i am going to fight instead of running all my life. alex does not deserve the type of life" i say putting the rest of his shoes in the suitcase

"that is a good way of looking at it. we will be here to protect you and alex every step of the way" niall says putting his hand on mine. right then harry walks in with alex on his shoulder put when he sees niall's hand on mine he stops in his tracks and stares at our hands

"lets bring our bags to the car, shall we?" i chuckle nervously and grab the suitcases making niall move his hand and walk downstairs trying to stay from the awkward situation that happened. all the boys follow suit and grab our bags bringing them to the car. i see liam come down with his hair messed up and his shirt unbuttoned on the bottom. i whistle and look at him

"can't i just guess what happened in there?" i say chuckling "and yet you were laughing about me and harry" i shook my head and patted his shoulder while he fixes his hair. i walk out the house and throw my suitcases in the back of the van the boys brought. i walked in the house seeing Avery fixing her makeup i give her a nudge in the side with a wink, making her blush

"How was it?" i asked

"we didn't do it, we just made out "

"that was a heated make out " i say and whistle she throws a hand over my mouth

"shh i don't want the boys to know"

"AVERY WHAT DID YOU DO TO LIAM" she rolls her eyes and puts her hand on her face muttering hateful words i chuckle and back away from the angry girl. we get the rest of the suitcases packed up and we eat dinner before heading to the airport.

time for a new start


sorry for the short chapter, the drama will spice up in the next chapter or so

thanks for the comments and support

love you  

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