chapter 2

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     The next couple of days i totally forgot that i wrote that man from the mysterious letter and i continued with my life. 

" Alex come on, im going to be late for work if you don't stop playing around and put your shoes on" i shout from the kitchen hearing Alex making a 'wshhh' sound with his toy car in the living room.

"mommy i want to play" he said continuing to play wit his car. i walk in the living room and grabbed it from him, immediately gaining a frown from him

"you can play once i drop you off at daycare" picking my son up 

"no i want to play now" he said with tears in his eyes. i picked up the toy car annoyed and handed to him. he smiled wide and gave me a slobbery kiss on the cheek making give him one back. he looked horrified

"mommy, ewwww" he said wiping it off, chuckling i give him another walking out the door. i put him in the car seat and all hell broke lose. all they way to the daycare he cried saying he wanted to play. when we made it there all the crying stopped.

walking toward my car without my son i just begin to appreciate all that has been done for me even though i haven't had a day to myself in two years i still found peace in me every time i remind myself i have a miracle to live for.  


After work i picked up Alex and we went to a little Cafe that we pass everyday. when we made it in Alex was bouncing up and down in excitement 

"what do you want little man?" i ask him tickling his belly, he leaned back laughing

"can  i get nuggets?" 

"yes buddy" i order his nuggets and get me a classic burger and we go sit down. everything was going good until someone tripped over my purse the i put on the ground.  oopps

"oh my gosh are you okay?" i ask in worriedly. that looked like it hurt so i felt really bad

"oh yeah im fine" he stuttered out getting up holding his nose for a minute. while he was doing that i begin to take in his appearance . curly brown locks that made me want to run my fingers in them, piercing green eyes, pink lips, and a smile that made my knees go weak. feeling a tug on my jeans i seen Alex leaning on my leg hiding behind me 

"what is it buddy?" 

"is he okay?" he looked up at me before briefly pointing toward this strange man

"im okay buddy thanks for asking" the strange man told my son

"go eat your nuggets ill be right over there ok?" he nodded and went and sat down happily eating his nuggets

"im so sorry that happened are you sure you are okay?" i ask seeing a little bit of blood on his nose

"im okay i promise" his strong British accent said. Every time he spoke i felt like my knees were going to give out 

"here come sit with us so i can make sure you are ok" i offered i seen his charming smile peer at me making me go dizzy,  i was starting to think i was the one he fell

"i would love to, let me tell my mates first" he said before jogging away. i walk over to the table and make room for the man i accidently hurt 

"mommy is he ok" i nodded and patted his head seeing the man walk over and sit in the empty seat infront of me and Alex

"the name is Harry, Harry Styles" he smiled cheekly

"my name is Julia and this is my son Alex, Alex tell him hey" i say looking at my son

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