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My paws dig deep into the forest floor as I pump my legs as fast as they can go. The air feels like fire burning my lungs but I don't dare slow down. I have no idea how long I've been running or even from who, but every fiber of my being is at its max.

My heart sinks as heavy foot falls come up fast behind me. A glance over my shoulder shows a giant blond wolf gaining on me.

'I don't trust him.' 'I don't intend to find out either way.'

I turn off the path cutting through the underbrush. My smaller size lets me duck and weave like a mink while he crashes through, like a bull or has to jump and climb.

'Perfect, he's falling behind, go for denser brush, or swampy.' 'What about rocks?' 'That could work.'

The crashing behind me gets louder as he becomes more reckless opting for speed instead of falling further behind.

Large and small boulders come into view as we near the cliff base. Hope blooms in me when I spot several places that I'd be able to run to that he won't fit in.

I'm so distracted by my pursuer that I don't see the attack coming as a large brown wolf tackles me from the side. He hits like a freight train and sends us tumbling in a snapping and snarling ball.

Growls ring out drawing my attention to several wolves closing in on me. I'm on my feet first, crouched, head held low as the brown stalks towards me.

His muzzle is scarred; clearly not his first fight and based off of the energy surrounding him, dangerous wasn't anywhere near a strong enough word.

He snaps and snarls at me, forcing me back as my heart races. Eight on one, I'm so screwed. Right, nine on one I remind myself as the blond crashes through the bushes.

I refuse to give up without a fight, the rocks will work as well on them as it would have on the blond. There's a crevice just off to the left, I just need a way past the brown.

The blond growls dangerously as he stalks onto the scene, his energy is different now, more commanding and deadly. The brown is clearly not happy to see him. So who am I running from? Him or them? Or have I just managed to piss everyone off?

A couple of greys are closing in on the blond growling and snapping but the blonds attention is on us. One of the greys lunges for him but the blond is frighteningly fast as he sinks his fangs into the greys throat before shaking violently. The grey falls back down to the ground choking on his own blood as he dies. The second grey is not so confident now.

Suddenly I'm not so interesting as the other six wolves turn their attention to the blonde while the brown focuses on me.

I fight against my fear as I bump into a boulder behind me. The brown grins wider showing all of his sharp, deadly teeth as he crowds me. He's pressing to dominate me, he doesn't even view me as a threat, I don't even know why but it sets me off to be discounted.

'Use it, he thinks you're a weak defenseless female, none of them view you as a threat. Time for a lesson don't you think?' 'He's huge, I'll hit him once and he'll turn around and kill me.' 'Then make your first strike count.'

I cower closer to the ground feeding his ego. I can practically feel him celebrating his victory. Cocky bastard. He never expected me to fight back so my teeth sinking deep into his throat catches him completely off guard.

His shock quickly turned into rage as he thrashed trying to fight back. The more he fought the harder I bit down. With every shake and twist he ripped his throat more. In less than a minute the damage was done and he was bleeding out. I let him go when he pulled away and he fell to the ground.

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