"hey, i dike dur curls" Alex said with a full mouth

"chew before you talk mister" i scold and look back at harry to see him looking at Alex so cutely

"thank you Alex i like you curls also" harry complimented my soon kinky brown curls

"soooo you are not dizzy or having a headache are you?" i say changing the subject. checking to see if i didn't mess up that pretty face

"no im fine other than my nose aching" he says touching his nose lightly wincing from the contact

"i can go get some ice" i offered about to get up but he grabbed my hand.... and my body literally freaked. man his hands are so soft and when he touched me i felt jolts run through my body as i had a shiver run down my back

"no love i am fine, thanks for the offer. anyways i want to get to know you and Alex" he said letting my hand go when i sat down. to tell you my disappointment when he let go, it sucked. why am i thinking like this? i haven't let a man touch me since Toby.  just try to avoid his touch. 

"ok so what do you want to know?" i say pulling my hair out of my face and leaning back


After the Cafe i walked Alex inside and put him in his bed giving him and large kiss on the head softly. When we were at the Cafe i learned alot about harry like he use to work in a bakery, he loves cats which sparked Alex interest, and he is in a boy band called one direction, and he lives with four other roommates.

The whole time he was talking i didn't interrupt i just listened because his voice was heaven to me. the whole i time i was talking he showed Genuine interest and he didn't ask me personal questions.

when i walked downstairs i seen a letter on the kitchen counter with the rest of the mail, my heart sped up and i raced to the counter taking the letter in my hands and ripped it open 

*Dear Juliet, 

              I am not mad that you opened my letter, thank you for telling me Madison is not there anymore. we all get curious sometimes since im always really nosey. Love please do not feel like you should help me because of the letter. Madison is my bestfriend from when we were younger, basically she told me she loved me but not as a friend and i just rejected her on the spot telling her i only loved her a as friend. she ran away and i haven't heard from her since. you live next to my old house, i use to sneak to madison's all the time. anyways my dearest Juliet maybe we can continue this chat over email here is my info *insertss email address * please get in touch im sure and  i look forward to enjoying these chats with you 

                                                                                                                               yours truly, 

                                                                                                                                                       H.S. (Romeo)*

walking over to the computer i willed myself to open my email and began typing

*Dear, H.S. (Romeo)

          Thank you for understanding that i am nosey haha, i could not help myself. i do not feel like i should help, i want to help you go through all this that is going on. sure we don't know each other but sometimes venting to strangers is a good thing and you feel better, so i am here to be the strange person. i am sorry about Madison, she loved you and you loved her only as a friend these things happen in life and maybe it wasn't meant to be, but im not counting out that you might end up feeling the same about her in the end because you grew up together. all i do is hope for you the best. i want to get to know you more, but for now i will tell you more about me. i live in London, i am twenty years old, i have a roommate Becca  nineteen years old, i have a  two year old son, and im a nurse. i would like to get to know you more H.S. if you are up for it. if you want to know anything bout me just ask me a question

                                                                                                                                      yours sincerely,


I hit send and went and laid in bed thinking about two people, harry and Romeo. slowly me eyes drifted to sleep with the last thought of hoping to see the both of them. 


Hope you all enjoy, if you have any feedback let me know

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~ J.R.

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