Chapter 79

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I look out my window to see that we have stopped outside a giant building that looks as though it is made entirely of glass. The hot sun reflects off the windows, making the building look like it's shining. It has to be at least 40 floors high- it's that big! I've never seen this building before and it's right in the middle of Indianna. I take a deep breath and climb out the car. I look up at the building and squint at it's beauty. Yes I said it- it's a beautiful building.

"Cool isn't it?" Gilinsky says standing next to me, also looking up at it.

"I'm so nervous" I admit

"Don't worry, I was too. He's a lot nicer than you'd think" He smiles, looking at me. "I've always got your back"

"Right back at you" I laugh. I pause for a few seconds, taking several deep breaths. "We should go in, shouldn't we?" I add reluctantly.

"Sky?" Jack says ignoring my question. "I'm wearing my lucky socks for you" He adds very seriously.

"I feel honoured" I say in the same tone.

"Ok, lets go"


"Hey! Welcome to Paradise Records" A boy, about my age, greets us. "You must be Skylar Potter right?"

"Hi" I say polietly "Yeah, I am" I smile

"Wow, you're even more beautiful than in pictures" He says quietly

"Aha thanks" I smirk

"Sorry, that was really unproffessional of me"

"Its okay don't worry"

"Anyway, I'm James Thomas. You're meeting Mr Langford at 1pm." He states, looking at his watch "You're early! You have 15 minutes, Mr Langford is just finishing up with a client and then you should be able to go in" He says business-like. He's not bad looking if I'm honest. He's about 6"2 with brunette hair like Cam- before the haircut- and he has an ear pierced with a silver earring that glistens in the light. He has a slight dimple in his left cheek and has a few faint freckles on his nose.

"Thanks" I smile

"You can wait over here" He says walking to 3 chairs placed against the wall. We follow him and the 3 boys take a seat. "I'll go get another one" He smiles.

"It's okay, you can sit here Sky" Gilinsky says grabbing my hips and pulling me down onto his lap.

"Jack!" I giggle as I crash down onto his thighs. He's being different- more flirty. A lot more flirty.

"Is it alright if I ask you a few mandatory questions before you go into see Mr Langford?" James asks as a girl who looks very similar to him walks over and hands him a clip board. She smiles at Johnson and then looks to Gilinsky, then to me. Her smile instantly drops and I start to become very self concious.

"Er sure" I say not taking my eyes off the girl who is glaring at me.

"Lucy. Stop" James tells her, snapping her glare away from me and she then quickly smiles at him.

"Fine." She rolls her eyes and snaps on a very fake smile "Can I get you guys anything?"

"I'm good thanks" I say trying to sound friendly. She nods and walks off, back to her desk.

"Sorry about her- she doesn't like female artists. Just because uncle wouldn't give her a recording contract, she got all hissy about it"

"Uncle?" I say picking up on the word.

"Oh, Mr Langford is my uncle Paul. He doesn't have any kids so he spoils me and my sister- Lucy- rotten. He gave us weekend jobs here" He smiles

"Oh that's cool" I smile, better make a good impression with James then. "Did you say you had some questions?"

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