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Crush  by dallasgrier75
Crush by dallasgrier75
When 7 girls go to magcon will they find an unexpected love with their idols. Or will they be left as old crushes
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Texting Magcon by SavageQueenXx
Texting Magconby Queen
Book 1 of 2 ~ You have been added to a groupchat! ~•~ CURRENTLY EDITING SEQUEL IS OUT NOW ; THE END RESULTS ~•~ Date published: September 20, 2016 Date completed: May 2...
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Bring Me Home (Shawn Mendes) by smendes_mclifford
Bring Me Home (Shawn Mendes)by tired as hecc
Shawn drifts from Mazie. Mazie misses Shawn. Shawn misses Mazie Mazie won't take Shawn back. Shawn is trying so hard. Mazie is trying too hard. what happens when Mazie...
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Fallen Angel {Shawn Mendes} by smendes_mclifford
Fallen Angel {Shawn Mendes}by tired as hecc
Alexis is a 15 year old girl from Palo Alto, California. She's in love with 9 amazing boys, but one of them catches her eye. Shawn Mendes. The boy with the amazing voice...
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the girl in the stands - shawn mendes  by canifflikestowrite
the girl in the stands - shawn men...by canifflikestowrite
shawn mendes. the popular, football player who likes me? that's just crazy.. why would someone like him even consider going out with some like me? i mean really it all...
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Baby Clifford // m.clifford- c.leigh by justforskye
Baby Clifford // m.clifford- c.lei...by Skye
It's not all sunshine and rainbows being Michael Clifford's daughter. ------ *IF THERE IS ANY HATE ABOUT CRYSTAL I DONT WANNA HEAR IT!!!! TO GET TO THE COMPLAINT OFFICE...
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Boys Like You ✔️ Hayes Grier~ Sequel to "Baby Clifford" by justforskye
Boys Like You ✔️ Hayes Grier~ Sequ...by Skye
Momma said there'd be boys like you, but does love really conquer all? -- SEQUEL TO "BABY CLIFFORD" Started on March 30, 2018 Completed on August 29, 2018 ⚠️ W...
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Mine ; Taylor Caniff by shirtlesscaniff
Mine ; Taylor Caniffby mia
"somewhere between our laughs, fights, and dumb pranks, I fell in love." Peyton Montgomery lived an ordinary life, that is until she downloaded an app called V...
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Little Brother by SmolBeanAnix
Little Brotherby SmolBeanAnix
Nicholas Grier..... he is the little brother to Nash and Hayes Grier. When Nash and Hayes need to go on tour, they want to take Nick with them. What happens when he meet...
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Adopted by Shawn Mendes by bradandshawn
Adopted by Shawn Mendesby SM & BWS
Hannah is 12 years old and has lived in an orphanage for almost 11 years. Her parents abused her when she was 1 and left her on the streets. Hannah always wondered why n...
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magcon || zodiac signs by somtiimes
magcon || zodiac signsby somtiimes
original nine magcon guys . zodiac signs . © somtiimes 25.02.2016
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Adopted by Magcon.  by kdxx421
Adopted by Magcon. by kdxx421
"Promise?" "Promise." Some promises aren't meant to be kept. All rights reserved.
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Text | C. Dallas by Original_Dallas
Text | C. Dallasby J E W E L L
Unknown- Nash where the hell are you? Jinx- this isn't 'Nash' Unknown- then who is this? -- *Short story. First story so it is soo cringe worthy, but the sequel will be...
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long distance ✧ h.g. by gilinskyavenue
long distance ✧ h.g.by hazel :)
Will we fall in love or be in the friend zone? Started this fanfic 12.1.14
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Magcon Imagines by Nicaa_17
Magcon Imaginesby Nicx
Hi guys this is my 2 book because I accidentally deleted the first book So sorry guys hope you will like my second book and my own Imagines...bye!
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magcon || would you rather  by somtiimes
magcon || would you rather by somtiimes
a bunch of would you rather questions involving the original eleven magcon guys. comment your answers! © somtiimes 07.08.16
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instagram → jack g by sunkcssed
instagram → jack gby : *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *
[DISCONTINUED] INSTAGRAM... It all happened with an Instagram post ( jack gilinsky x female oc )
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Email | C. Dallas by Original_Dallas
Email | C. Dallasby J E W E L L
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Healed (Book Two) {Aaron Carpenter} by you_were_my_PARADISE
Healed (Book Two) {Aaron Carpenter}by Sky
//Sequel to scars (Aaron carpenter) you will need to read that before you read this!// heal [heel] verb (used with object) "to make healthy, whole, or sound; rest...
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magcon || groupchat by somtiimes
magcon || groupchatby somtiimes
ever wondered what'd it be like to be in a groupchat with the original eleven magcon boys? hopefully this lives up to your imagination. (I am aware that not all the guys...
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