Chapter 6

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Luke's POV:
After I leave Ashton's I decide to head to the park. Once I get there I see two familiar faces.

"Hey, Luke! What's up!" Jade said.

"Hi, Jade! Hey, Maddie! Oh! Mads I have a question for you. Can we talk in private?" She nodded and came to me. We walked around the park.

"So, what'd you have to ask me" she stopped and turned to me.

Maddie's POV:
He turned to me and took a deep breath.

"Maddison Nicole Irwin, would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow?" He asked. He looked so innocent and sweet.

"Yes, Luke Robert Hemmings, I would love to go on a date with you!" He looked at me in the eyes. We stayed like this for a while, just looking into each other's eyes. Slowly we both started leaning in.

I closed my eyes and leaned in. I couldn't take it anymore. I crashed my lips to his. This feeling was unimaginable. I felt fireworks. I felt like butterflies just exploded into flight. I didn't want to stop.

Soon enough we had to stop to breath.
He looked at me in the face and smiled. He pressed our foreheads together.

Omg! I can't wait to tell Ashton. I just wish mom and dad hadn't moved to America with Harry and Lauren. Mom was my best friend. They moved about a year ago for dad's work. They left Ashton and I here because they thought that we were responsible enough to live by ourselves.

"Luke, I have to go home. Text me later and tell me what time to get ready and what I should wear." I told him.

He looked at me and smiled and nodded.

"Goodbye, Mads. I will text you later." He smiled and walked away.

As soon as I got home, I told Ash everything. He was so concentrated on every word that came out of my mouth.

"Oh my gosh, Maddie that is amazing!" He engulfed me in one of his worm Ashton hugs.

"Ash, your crushing me!" I laughed.

"Sorry" His laugh is so contagious so I laughed again with him.

That night I was so happy.

Luke's POV:
YES! SHE SAID YES! Annnnnd we kissed!

When I got home I called Calum and told him everything. He helped me set up the date and where it was going to be and what we were going to do.

He helped me set up the perfect date.

She was going to love it.

I got a text from a random number.
Hi, Luke. It's Veronica. I know you still love me. I love you. You are so hot!

I deleted the text and went to bed.

Veronica is my ex girlfriend. I guess you could say she was the typical high school slut. She slept with every guy she could. But not me. I came to my senses and dumped her before anything happened.

That is when I realized that I loved Maddie.

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