Chapter 3

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Maddie's POV:
"Why didn't you tell me, Ash?!" I was furious! I mean how could he keep something this big from me!

"Look Mads. I'm sorry I was going to tell you. I just didn't know what the the right time was. Besides, you are getting big too, so what's it matter anyways. You probably wouldn't have cared and just gone on with life!" He said look sad at the end.

"I- is that really how you feel Ashton? That I would just not care and just care about my self and my singing career that I don't even know if I have one?"

"What are you talking about,Maddie. You are obviously a star! Even though you may not think it, it's true."

"Ok, but Ash I would've wanted to know this kind of stuff. For Christ sakes I'm graduating on Monday! Today is Monday. I'm graduating in exactly a week. I might have helped with all of the stuff for your trip. Knowing you, you would've needed it." I scoffed.

"Look, Maddie I was gonna tell you I really was, it's just-" He stopped not knowing what to say.

"Just what? That I'm your little sister and you think I can't handle these kind of things?! God, Ashton! I thought you knew me better than that!" I stormed off. Leaving him stunned and calling my name.

Luke's POV:
Wow. Did that really just happen?
"Hey, Ash, uh-I-uh think I'm going to go home now. You kinda need to work this out with your sister." I told him even though I wanted to stay and see her beautiful face for even longer.

"Yeah, o-ok. See ya later Luke." He was short but I understand why. His sister just went off on him.

That night I went home. I dreamt of the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life. Maddison Nicole Irwin.
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