Chapter 1

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Ugh! Another day of school! But hey! At least next week my best friend and I are graduating. My best friend is Jade Ashlynn Miller. We have been best friends since kindergartens.
Today is Monday, two whole weeks till we are outa this place.

Once I am fully awake I get up and look to my dresser and see that I have a text. Hmm I wonder who that could be?

From: SFAM
Hey! Wake up sleeping beauty! It's kinda time to get ready to go to school!
Gosh this chick is annoying

I'm awake. Are you still going to pick me up today. And thank you I know I'm beautiful!:-)

I sent the text and grabbed clothes to take a shower. I quickly did my business then got out.
I decided to wear my purple "Haters gonna hate" shirt and a pair of high wasted denim shorts. I grabbed my converse and put them on. Then I quickly put some mascara and blush on and grabbed my back pack.

As soon as I heard the sound of a car horn beeping I ran out the door knowing who it was.

"Hey J! What's up?" I asked as I got into the car, throwing my backpack into the back seat.

"Ah ya know same old, same old. Ok, so I have something to tell you! You know that kid, Calum?"

" Yes! Oh my gosh he is one of my brother's mates. He is so-" I cut myself short as realization hit me.

"Jade, you like him don't you?!" I ask, even though I already knew the question.

"No,maybe a little. Ok, yes I do like him. Happy now?"

" No I won't be happy till you guys get married and live in a big beautiful house with two children." I joke with her.

" Hey at least I'm not the one that likes a guy that I don't even talk to, let alone him know I exist. Mads you really need to talk to him!"

" Yes J I know this." I say as we get out of the car and head into the school.

You see we aren't very popular here at our school. People pick on us, but it doesn't bother me much because I have a saying "the haters make you stronger. "

After school is over I walk home instead of letting Jade drive me. Call me crazy but I just like to walk home and look at all the trees and crap like that.

As I get to the door I hear music playing, then I remember my brother has band practice today.
My heart starts racing and my breathing gets uneven. My palms are getting sweaty. This means that I am going to see him. The one I'm in love with the one that makes me smile. Luke Hemmings, the one and only.

I walk through the door and I am bombarded with hugs and 'hi' from every direction.

"Ok guys, you are all bigger than me, so get off!" They release me from their hugs and soon they all go into the kitchen and I am left standing here alone with Luke.

"Uh, hi Maddie" Luke says as he scratches the back of his neck and looks to the ground.

" H-hi Luke" Crap! I got so nervous I stuttered. Gosh sometimes I just hate my brain.

I start up the steps to my room and I trip on the step in front of me. I catch myself before I can fall though. I start to walk again and I hear a faint giggle behind me.

I turn around and see the person the giggle came from, Luke.

I make way upstairs and do my homework.
Luke's POV:
Oh gosh. She is beautiful. How is she even related to Ash? As the boys all start to pile into the kitchen her and I just stand there awkwardly staring at each other.

"Um, hi Maddie" I say while scratching the back of my neck and looking down at my feet.

"H-hi, Luke" she stuttered. Do I make her nervous? I should probably talk to her later.

As she was walking up the stairs, she tripped. I tried to keep in a laugh, but it came out a giggle. What the heck? Guys aren't supposed to giggle!

She turned around to face me and our eyes met. I could get lost in the green orbs that are her eyes. She then turns back around and goes up the steps.

I turn around and I am met by another pair of eyes.
Who do you think was behind Luke?
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