Chapter 7

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Maddie's POV:
Right now I am in my room writing a song. It's about my ex. He basically cheated on me. I thought he loved me, but no. It was all just a lie. He told me it was just a drunken mistake, but he has been talking to this girl since we have been dating. I finally decided to break up with him. Anyway, you probably want to know what the song is, right? Well, here it is. (A/N this is my own personal song:-))

"We use to say always and forever
I was just too young and dumb
To realize that this wasn't going to last forever
Then you went and met another girl
She was prettier and older
She had it all
And I had nothing
I thought I was in love
But,no, I just wanted to feel loved
I thought I was in love
But, you were just a faze
I thought it was love
We use to tell each other everything
But when she came along it all just stopped
You said she was just a friend
That you didn't like her that way
We got into fights, and they were so stupid
We went our separate ways
I was sure it was the end

I was supposed to ignore you, but I had to talk to you
Now we are friends and don't hate each other

I thought it was love,love,love (x2)
I thought it was love
I thought it was love"

When I finished the last line, Ashton came in and scared the crap out of me.

"Hey, sis. Was that one of your songs? If so, it was bloody amazing!" Ash knew about me writing songs. Personally I didn't think I was that good. But the persistent Ashton made it a point to tell me that I was good.

"Yeah, Ash. It was one of my songs. I was thinking of sending it to a record label or something." Honestly, I kinda figured I would get rejected.

"Ok, and-uh- Luke is here to see you. I don't know what he wants,but he wants to talk to you." he said while scratching the back of his neck.

"Oh, uh. Ok. Well I will go talk to him then."

I left my room and went downstairs to see Luke sitting on the couch watching something that was on the TV.

When he saw me he smiled. I smiled back.

"Hey, Maddie. Can I talk to you in private?" Why did he seem so nervous. Wait. So did I. Uh oh. Here comes the nervousness of talking to him alone.

"Uh. Sure." I smiled and we walked to the back patio.

"So what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Maddie, I have liked you for a long time now. I know you probably don't feel the same way. This was a bad idea. Actually, you know what? Why don't we just forget we had this conversation?" It can out as more like a question.

"Luke. Just tell me what you wanted." I was getting slightly annoyed.

"Ok. Uh- w-would you possibly want to go on a date with me?" Wait. Is this real life? Is he really asking me this?

"Of course, Luke. I would love to." I looked down smiling and biting my lip. Knowing that I was probably the color of a tomato.

"Awesome, I will pick you up tomorrow at about six." He smiled the biggest smile I have ever seen someone smile.

"Ok. Where are you taking me?" I wanted to know so I knew what to where at least.

"Don't you worry about it. Ash will get your stuff ready for you when you are sleeping. Wow that sounds creepy! Haha. But anyways. He will get your stuff ready and have clothes set out for you before I pick you up. Ok?"

I muttered a quick ok. We hugged and he told me he had to leave to get things ready for tomorrow.

I'm already loving this day. I just hope all goes right tomorrow. I guess only time will tell.

Hey guys!
Just a filler chapter
What do you think?
I was thinking a beach date or a date at the carnival.
Which should I do?
Love you guys!

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