Chapter 15

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----------1 week later----------
Today is the day that I leave for London. Words can't describe how excited and nervous and upset I am.

I am currently getting my suitcases put in the back of my Ford F-250 4x4. This truck is my baby. The only person I have ever let drive it is Ashton. He is really the only person I trust to drive it. I'm going to drive it to the airport and he is going to drive it back to the house for me.

I phone Luke to tell him that I was coming over to tell him goodbye. However, he didn't answer. That's weird.

So, I told Ashton we were going to make a stop on the way to the airport and he said okay.

"Ashton hurry up. We have to make a stop remember?!"

"I'm coming hold you freakin' horses!" He said coming down the stairs.

We got in the truck and I drove to Luke's house. I got out and walked up to the door. I noticed their was another car here. Hmm must be a family member coming to visit. I knocked on the door and Liz answered the door with a worried expression.

"Hi Liz! Is Luke home? I wanted to tell him bye before I left to London." I asked smiling

"Uh yeah he is here. But um you can't go up there. He is uh he is sick. Yeah he is sick!" She said quickly and I looked up the stairs to see his door shut. That's weird he usually has it open.

"What's going on?! I'm going up there to see him!" I said and walked up the steps to his room.

When I got there I opened the door and saw a sight I never wanted to see.

He was cheating on me! With my friend Alexa! How dare they? I thought he loved me?

I gasped and slammed the door. I started down the stairs when Luke came out looking nervous and scared.

"Why Luke? I thought you loved me?"

"I do! It was an acci-" I cut him off.

"Obviously it wasn't an accident. You even had your own mother try to cover for you! I can't believe you. All I wanted to do was tell you bye before I left for London. But I guess this was easier. Long distance would have never worked for us and you know that. I just wasn't meant to be. Goodbye Luke." I said with tears in my eyes. I looked at him with such disgust and then to his mother. Then I walked out and slammed the door.

"How'd it go?" Ashton asked.

"Perfect" I snapped and he held his hands up in defense.

I apologized and explained everything that happened by the time I was done I was already pulling into the airport.

"Thanks Ashton. For everything. You are the best brother ever. I will miss you." I told him and then gave him a big hug and smiled at him.

My flight was called and I boarded the plane.

I had a window seat. I loved them.
I put my headphones in and hit shuffle on my music. A-Team by Ed Sheeran came on and I quietly sang along.

Ten I felt someone sit next to me and I turned and looked at him. Yes him. He had the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes and perfectly quiffed brown hair. His face was perfectly chiseled and he smiled at me.

I blushed and looked away. He put his hand out for me to shake.

"Hi, I'm Cameron, Cameron Dallas. What's your name beautiful?" He said. Wait, what. Cameron Dallas. I think he is off of vine or something.

I shook his hand.

"I am Maddison Nicole Irwin. And trust me I'm no where near beautiful." I said chuckling.

"Whatever I'm sure their are tons of guys that are after you." He said.

"Wait. You don't have an Aussie accent. Where are you from Mr. Dallas?" I asked him. I was curious where he was from though.

"I'm from Chino Hills, California. So America. I was in Australia for some family business and now I'm heading to London for my friends Jack and Jack. They asked me to be apart of their UK tour. What brings you to London?" Gosh that smile will melt me into mush.

"I have been asked to record some songs for an album with Syco Records. I'm just happy that someone noticed me. Honestly, I didn't think I was good at singing." I told him sheepishly.

"I'm sure you're and amazing singer. Let's hear something, yeah?"

"No I can't."

"Yes you can"



"Fine. What song?" I asked kinda nervous because the only people I have sang in front of is Ashton and Luke...

"How about All I Ever Need by Austin Mahone?" He suggested. I nodded and started to sing.

"Don't the water grow the trees?
Don't the moon pull the tide?
Don't the stars light the sky like you need to light my life?

You don't understand how much you really mean to me. I need you in my life
You're my necessity

But believe me you're everything
That just make my world complete
And my love is and something that I won't forget

You're all I ever need"
(Skipping to end of song bc I can't remember the rest lol)

I finished the last note and I looked up and I realized that people have gathered around while I was caught up in singing. 

I blushed and sat down in my seat.

"Woah. Maddie that was amazing! And you say you can't sing. Pshh that was probably the best I've ever heard." He told me and clapped along with everyone else.

"I'm not that good and you're just saying that." I said.

"No I'm not. You a-" he was cut off by the speaker.

"Hello. This is your captain speaking. We would like everyone to shut off their electronics and fasten their seat belts. We are getting ready for take off. Have a nice day and thank you for flying with us.

I did as they said and waited until it was ok to turn our phones and stuff back on. Once I could I plugged my phone in and turned on music and fell asleep.

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