Chapter 12

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Luke's POV:
"Guys, Maddie is in a coma."

I sighed as relief washed over me. She isn't dead!

"Thanks, doctor. When are we able to go see her?" Ashton asked. His eyes were red and puffy from crying. As were mine.

"You can go in and see her now. She won't respond because she is in a coma."

"Thank you doctor." I said and followed him into Maddie's room.

I had contacted Jade and Lilly and told them what happened. They were on there way.

When we went in the room she looked so pale and lifeless. But I knew that my Maddie was in there somewhere.

Maddie's POV:
All I can see is blackness. Am I dead?

All of a sudden I heard voices.

"Luke, bro, you should probably go see if Jade and Lilly are here yet. I'll stay here with her." Wait, was that my brother? And who is Luke?

"Ok. I'll be back in a few man." The guy, Luke, said.

"Mads, I need you to wake up sis. not only for me, but for Luke. For your friends. For mom and dad. For Lauren and Harry. They may not be here but they need you to wake up. What you went through is something I would've never imagined you to go through. I'm sorry for telling you to talk to him. It was my fault. Bradlee is in jail right now. If it wasn't for Luke, you probably wouldn't be with us and Bradlee would still be out there doing bad things to innocent people. Please wake up, Maddie. Please?" Ashton said his voice cracking at the end.

If only he knew how hard I was trying to wake up. It took everything I had. He was holding my hand. I did everything I could.

It was hard but I finally did it. I squeezed his hand back.

"Oh my gosh, Maddie, did you actually do that or was it just my imagination? Oh my god. I'm going crazy! How could I think she squeezed my hand. She's in a coma?"

I tried my hardest and I did it. I was finally awake.

"Ashton?" I asked him.

"Maddie, you're awake!" He got up and gave me a hug, squeezing the life out of me.

Then a couple more people walked in.

"Maddie, I thought you were never going to wake up. I know it was only a day or two, but it seemed like forever. I love you so much!" Another guy, I'm guessing Luke, hugged me with just as much force as Ashton did.

The girls came up to me and smiled.

They both hugged me and backed away.

"I'm sorry, but who are you guys?"

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