Chapter 10

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Maddie's POV:

Luke and I were currently snuggled on the couch whatching our favorite movie of all time. Mean Girls! I mean, who couldn't love it. It shows how high school is like a feeding ground.

I think later today Ash, and I are going out to lunch and he is going to introduce me to his girlfriend Ellie.

After we finish the movie Luke has to leave to help his mom with something. Bless Liz's heart. I take a shower and get dressed. Since, we aren't going anywhere fancy, I wear black skinny jeans and black and white converses. I grabon of my favorite All Time Low shirts and a beanie that says 'Nope'.

I put on mascarra and blush. Then, I put on a nude colored lip gloss. Once, I am comletely done I hear my annoying older brother Ashton yell for me to come on.

Soon enough, we are on our way to a nearby Starbucks. When we get there I see Ashton jump out of the car and run up to a very beautiful girl who I assume to be Ellie. She has light brown har with blonde tips. I can't really tell what color eyes she has because they are hidden by her sunglasses. She is wearing black skinny jeans and a Nirvana shirt with a badass leather jacket.

We introduce ourselves. She is very laid back and cool.
She is pretty much a prettier version of me.

"So, Maddie. I heard you were dating the one and only Luke Hemmings?" I blush and look down at my feet.

"Yeah. He is the most amazing boyfriend ever! I love hime so much!" I widen my eyes when I realize I just said that I loved him out loud!

"Awwwww! That's adorable. Well, I have to go. Ash I call or text you later. Love ya." She kisses him and walks away towards her car.

"She seems really great for you. She is a keeper!" I told him smiling.

"Yeah well you should probably get to your softball practice, wouldn't wanna be late."

Did I forget to mention that I play softball?

I drive to the field and when I get there, I see someone I haven't seen in a long time.

"Hey, Maddie!"


Who do you think it is??
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