Chapter 9

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Luke's POV:

This morning I woke up on the beach next to my beautiful girlfriend. I have my arms wrapped around her and soft snores are coming from her mouth. 

I decide to wake her up. First, I kiss her forehead.Then, her nose. I kiss her cheek and the corner of her mouth and she stirs a little bit but doesn't wake up. I kiss her lips and she smiles, but doesn't move. I kiss her again and she puts her arms around my neck. I pick her up and set her on my lap.

"I could get used to waking up like this. I love it!" She giggles. Then she stands up and holds her hand out to me so I could get up.

I stand up and she kisses me. I ruffle her hair before I speak. 

"Well, I better get you home. Ashton will be wondering what  happened and knowing him, he will asume things." I told her knowing that what I said would probably be true if I took her home later.

The ride home was quiet. Not awkward, it was nice. It was a calm silence. 

Soon we were back at her and Ashton's house. Before she could open her door, I was running to her side to open the door for her. We walked up to the house hand in hand. Once we were at the door, she turned to me.

"Luke, thankyou for the date last night. I had a great time. We should do it again sometime." She smiled and wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me. I hugged back and pulled away. I looked at her and kissed her. We both smiled into the kiss.

"Hey, Ma- Woah! What is going on here? Maddie, why did it take so long for you guys to come home? I was so worried." We both looked at him and he had a look of worry on his face. 

"Ash, we are fine. We fell asleep on the beach last night after our date. Which by the way was amazing. Thank you Luke." She turned to me and smiled.


Maddie's POV:

"You are welcome. I have to go. My mom wants me back at home." He hugged me then kissed me.

I looked at Ashton and he went wide eyed. I gave him and I'll explain later look. Luke left and I was waving at him as he drove. After he was gone I turned to Ashton and he smiled at me and hugged me. I was shocked, but hugged him back.

"Awwwwww, my little sister is all grown up. She had her first kiss with one of my best friends! I love you, sis!"

"Love you too, Ash. But you are crushing me and I have to go take a shower, thanks." I replied. I will admit, I do sound a bit harsh, but I don't know why I do.

I go to my room andget stuff to take a shower. Today is going to be a lazy day for me. I grab sweatpants and a Nirvana muscle tee. I grab my bra and underwear and get a towel. 

I turn on the shower and wait for it to get warm, while doing so, I text Luke.

To: Lukey Pookey

Hey, babe. I was wondering if you wanted to come over for a lazy day with me. Ash is going out with Ellie. I will be bored lol

Within seconds I got a reply from him saying he is going to take a shower then grab stuff at the store. I hurry and take a shower. 

I am soon done and I turn the water off and wrap myself in a towel. I grab my things and realize that I must've dropped my underwear on the way into the bathroom. I walk out to my room and see them on my bed sure enough. I turned back around and I am startled whe I see Luke standing there.

"Oh-em-gee! Lucas! You scared the crap out of me! Get out! I am not dressed." I ambled and he just stood there smirking like it wasn't anybodys business.

"I think I like the view. But, I do not disrespect people so I will go to the living room and put in a movie while I wait for you. I love you."

"I love you too, you weird, weird boy." I chuckled.

I got dressed and headed downstairs and sat next to Luke cuddling into him.

"What movie did you put in, Luke?" I asked looking at him and he smiled. 

"Well, I put our favorite movie in. Mean Girls."

"You know me so well Luke!



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