Chapter 11

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Maddie's POV:

"Hey Maddie!"

I turned to see who the voice belongs to and I saw someone I never thought I'd see again.

It's my best friend from two years ago. I haven't seen her in two years because she moved away from Sydney.

"OMG! Lils! It's been so long! How are you girl?!" I ran up and hugged my best friend Lillian Brooks.

"I know I missed you!"

We talked for a little bit but I had to get to practice.

I was a pitcher and first baseman. This practice I was used as first base. It was honestly one of my favorite positions.

Every time I went to catch the ball I would catch it. I can't wait until my games. I want to impress Luke so much.

After practice, I went home and took a shower.

After my shower, I layed down on my bed and fell asleep.

When I woke, someone was whispering my name. I look up and see that the voice belongs to Ashton.

"Hey, someone is here for you." I slowly get up and run my eyes. I stretch and get up.

When I walk downstairs I see my ex boyfriend Bradley sitting on the couch.

I grab Ashton's arm forcefully and pull him to the side.

"What the hell is he doing here Ashton?! Do you know what he did to me? I have a boyfriend and I don't want him anywhere near me!" I tell him in a hushed tone.

"Maddie, he said he just wanted to talk. Let him explain himself and just talk to him,ok?" He asks me

"Ugh. Fine, but only because I am being forced." I chuckled and walked back into the living room.

"Hey, uh, Bradley. Erm, what are you doing here?" I ask and he looks at me and smiles.

"I'm here to talk to you, shall we go somewhere more private?" He asks with a smirk.

"Uh sure lets go to Starbucks, but let's walk." I tell him and the. Tell Ash that we are leaving.

On the way to Starbucks he suddenly stops and grabs my wrist. I turn around and he is pulling me into a dark alley.

"W-what are you d-doing Bradley?" I ask stuttering because honestly I am kinda scared of what's happening at the moment.

"It will all be over soon so just shut the hell up!" He slaps me on the face and pushes me down.

I fall down on some glass and my arm is cut open. I scream in pain and he slaps me again.

"I said shut up you stupid whore!"

I cry silently and he pulls off my shirt and pants. I shake my head and cry even harder knowing what's going to happen.

He touches me and the he takes his pants off and puts his arm on my neck to keep me from breathing.

When he starts to take his boxers off someone yells at him.

"Let her go or I swear I will kill you!"

Luke's POV:
I was walking to Starbucks when I heard a cry of pain.

I follow the screaming and see a guy on top of a girl about to rape her.

I look closer and realize that it's Maddie and some other guy.

"Let her go or I swear I will kill you!" My burst of confidence is a good thing to have right now.

The guy quickly pulls his pants back on and comes over to me balling up his fists.

He swings at me but I seeing first. I hit him square in the jaw and knock him out.

I go over to Maddie to see that she is currently unconscious. I call an ambulance and then call Ashton.

When we got to the hospital Ashton was already there.

"I'm sorry sir you can't go in there at the moment." I turn to a nurse who was holding me back from following my girlfriend.

"She is my girlfriend I have to make sure she is ok!" I yell my voice cracking at the end.

I go sit down and start bawling my eyes out.

A doctor comes out and looks at us sadly.

"Guys I have some news, Maddie is...."
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