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I stepped back from the door unable to understand the danger that is breaking into the house right now.  Should I call for the others?  Should I run?  I don't know what to do...
Do something we don't have much-

The door shattered, scared and confused I fell to the ground shaking staring up at the demon.  His dark-red leathery skin formed a monster who, without counting the giant thorned horns on top of his head, was almost as tall as Slender.  He had what looked like three mouths running down his chest, one on each shoulder, and one mouth where a humans would be, on his face.  Where his eyes would be is just blood red sockets that pierced my heart when I looked at them.

"Rebecca, surprised to see me?"  The mouth on his face says, his head tilted down in my direction.

I open my mouth but say nothing, I can't say anything...

"Zalgo," Slender appears in the doorway behind me, I guess they stopped arguing or realized I was gone.  "I told you to stay away from my house."

"I thought this peasant house meant nothing to you...  Plus that was before it moved to this town, the plot of land is different and that makes it a different house."

"Zalgo I told you to never come near my family." Slender responds crossing his arms.

"Family's are for mortals, we don't need families." Zalgo took a step closer,"I'm here to take what is mine, without any fight."

Am I his?  How?  He created me but I have a free will, I can do whatever I want!
We are his creation, he feels like he needs to control us and make us a weapon.  We can't let him do that, if he does he'll create an army of monsters with the abilities of the Pastas.
That's a bad thing because he's evil?
No, it's a bad thing because he's the nicest guy you could ever find!  Yes it's because he's evil, he wants to exterminate the human race!

"Zalgo stay away from my house guest." Slender says as Zalgo steps towards me.

Zalgo maliciously grins,"I own this mortal."

"Salem owns her." Slender says.  Salem?  Who's Salem?
Hello.  I don't know if you've made the connection yet but I thought you were smarter than this.
You're Salem?
No, really!  I thought my name was Sasquatch.
Sarcasm at it's finest, S.

 "Salem owns nothing.  He's a pawn in my conquest, now Slender hand her over or I'll destroy your little family."  Zalgo glared at Slender.

"Fuck No!" Jeff jumps out from behind Slender and lands in between me and Zalgo, knife pointed at the demons throat,"I hate her more than anyone but you don't threaten my family."

"You killed your family." was all Zalgo said.  Jeff yelled at him and thrusts his knife towards Zalgo, his wrist getting grabbed midair.  I watched as Zalgo disarmed Jeff and pulled his other hand towards Jeff's neck.

"Would you like to be the first to die?" Zalgo threatened.

"Put him down." I say, I didn't even mean to say it.

Zalgo looks up at me, as I pick myself up, one eyebrow raised.

"What can you do?  Your a failure.  You couldn't even find your own parents."
Don't let him get to you, just try to keep yourself alive.
Oh, I thought we were trying to kill ourselves.
Obvious Sarcasm is Obvious.

"I haven't found them, yet.  There's still the future!  Just put Jeff down and we'll see if you can handle my powers that you gave me."

Jeff's unblinking eyes stared back at me in disbelief, I was risking my life for him.  The only answer I can give myself is that I'm doing this to prove I'm not weak, I'm not a coward, and I'm not going to let Jeff fight my battles.
Okay first off, what happened to keeping us alive?  Secondly, I've figured out a way to harness the 'powers' that have been injected into your DNA, it seems that your brain is wired differently from the other brains I've been inside but I think I've figured it out.
We're trying to protect ourselves, and What?  Other Brains?  Who else have you been in?
Some guy named Lincoln, another named Reagan.  Some unimportant people, you probably never heard about.
I need to know more about you when this is done, but now how do we use the power?
Emotions seem to trigger it but I can rewire that for a few minutes, wait until you can use my demon powers, that will be fun.

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