Chapter 71

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"What took you guys so long?" Jake laughs as we get back in the car.

"Watch my new snapchat video" Johnson answers. I pull out my phone and hold down the screen as his newest video begins to play. It's me singing from a few minutes ago.

"Is that 'Like That'?" Gilinsky asks.

"Yeah" J replies

"Sorry I did your bit. Jack made me" I explain

"No don't appologise, this is amazing" He replies.

"You think?"

"Yeah! Who knew you could sing?" Jake laughs

"I did" Jack says proudly.

"Ok so now that's out in the open can we go?" I laugh. Jake pulls back out onto the road.


"I'll see you tomorrow Sky" Jake smiles as I get out of his car "I'll be right here to pick you up at 8"

"You don't have to take me to school. I can get there myself"

"I know I don't have to. I want to" He smiles.

"Okay I'll see you at 8 exactly" I laugh shutting the door. The boys all greet Jack and say how worried they were about him. Obviously not worried enough to do anything about it though.

I take out my phone and head upstairs. I lie down on my bed staring at the ceiling as I wait for Matt to pick up on the end of the line.

"Hello?" I hear his voice say.

"Hey baby" I say softly

"Hey Sky" He sounds really tired.

"How are you?"

"Really tired. I've been at the vets from as soon as I got home"

"How's Burnie?"

"They say he's getting better. He will get better right?"

"Of course he will"

"Anyway, what's up?" He says. I can tell he's trying to take his mind off of Burnie.

"Oh don't worry. You're tired, I'll talk to you about it some other time"

"Please tell me. I'm your boyfriend- I'm supposed to be there for you when you need me. And you sound like you need me"

"Well okay" I say "You know I told you about my parents?"


"Well I've been talking to Cameron and he said that his dad cheted on his mum when he was 4 right?"

"I'm not following. What's that got to do with your parents?"

"Well Cameron is 4 years older than me"

"That's just a coincidence"

"Is it? I told you that I heard my father tell my mum that he wishes he could go back to his other family"


"Cameron has no dad."

"I really don't get it Sky"

"We went on holiday to California when we were younger and dad was always away on 'business' right?"

"Yeah" He says still confused

"What if dad wasn't away on business? What if he was with his other family?"


"What I'm trying to say is- I think Cameron and Sierra, may be my half siblings"

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