Say you love me (teaher student relationship) chapter 7

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So this chapter was going to be lilly at school but i decided to show a bit of what happened the day after. By the way sorry its been a while since my last upload had no internet L but remember  to vote and comment and tell me what you think!!! xXx sorry if there's spelling mistakes xx


Hearing the birds chirping on the windowsill, and feeling the heating rays of sunlight meeting my sealed eyes. I Woke up to the freshly new day with the wind whispering   to me as my loosen curls brushed across my heart shape face. Lifting my still sleepy feet onto the ice cold ground and stretching my limbs to bring me back to reality, before finally taking in my surroundings. I could feel my cheeks going a light shade of pink just remembering that Alex was only in my room nine hours ago.

I felt like a girl in love and I didn't like that one bit. For some strange reason I felt like we were connected; through that door laid, Alex. Just a door that separated us and what connected us at the same time. Getting up from my bed and walking through my own personal bathroom, I never thought in a billion years I would find myself saying this never.

 I took my time to value this moment and turn on the water filling up the bath. This simple task that should have been heavenly, but I should of known better nothing is too good to be true, as the water stop at brim of the bath. Now Excitement filled me as  I slipped off all of the unnecessary clothing and dipped my body into the water, What I thought would  be nice and warm turned out to be the ice cold waters of the north pole.

Alex point view  

Hearing a blood curdling screaming come from next door, jumping up from the bed without a second thought, throwing the door open and emerging into Lily's room locating where the screamed had come from. I quickly opened the bathroom door not thinking of the consequence or what lay behind the door. Her tangle dark brown hair mixed with a bit of light ones,  rolling my eyes down to her caramel full breast lifting up to be viewed for my eyes only.

Her slightly wide hips that were made for the male off springs, then finally her secret place, that was the last straw my body could take as the bulge in my pants got bigger

Lilly's point of view

I was utterly shocked seeing who emerge from the other side of the door. Why did he have to come and see me like this?!! What have I done to deserve so much embarrassment? It felt like hours before anyone could utter a single word, well I was completely shocked. This had to be some kind of dream- no- nightmare! This cant be happening! Alex probably sense that I wasn't going to speak anytime soon because he finally broke the silence "I-I'll wait outside" he replied huskily. I blink back at him  still in shock. all I could manage to do was nod and Alex was out of the bathroom before you could say "WOW"


After I was rapped up into a towel and regained some composure, I exited the bathroom to meet a red faced Alex. He grimaced slightly before he finally giving me a brief explanation. "sorry for frightening you." my gaze traveled to my the floor. There was a small puddle forming around my feet, from the droplets of water dripping from my soaking wet hair. " Don't apologies I should of at least knocked." Alex added quickly.  When I looked up Alex he was standing at the door.  I felt disappointed for some reason. He looked as if he could hardly wait to leave. But I wanted him to stay...

I found myself walking toward Alex. "well, you see the reason why I screamed in the first place was ..." I couldn't help but feel like a wolf. Knowing someone had his heart made me want to rip the girl's face off. The image of him standing up receiving a blow job from some slag just last night really made me wanted to throw up.

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