say you love me Chapter 9

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Alex maid I grunting noise before he turned on the radio to XFM, they were playing Rockets skate; this was one of my favourite songs by Defotnes. Alex began tapping his fingers to the beat of song absent mildly as he drove. I took the advantage to swear at him: Shitting cow, stupid, stupid asswipe, vile insufferable pig, dickhead!...


“What, What?”  Alex turned down the radio slightly.

“You’re looking at me weird” said Alex frowning. “I hope you haven’t developed a crush on me already.”

“NO! - what do you expect me to wear!” I crossed my arms around my chest.

“What?” Alex frowned at me. The car stopped at a stop light. I watched open mouth as I saw Tommy crossing the road and prayed that he kept his head straight and kept on walking. But I had no such luck when he was parallel to our car he turned and saw me. He smiled, and then frowned once he saw “Mr. O’Neil” in the driver’s seat. I could practically see the question mark on his forehead. Feebly I waved bye as the light went green and Alex drove off and leaving a questioning Tommy at the sidewalk.


“Doesn’t matter… I informed the school about or sudden family ties…

“Ok well…well I need to pick up some cloths anyway…” I sat back and folded my arms and looked out the window at the passing cars.  Why am I being so immature about this? No matter how much I wanted to huff and puff about my sudden dilemma, it would only prove Alex right in his conclusion that I am “little brat”. I’m going to be really grown up about this I’m going to- “Oh okay. Dad doesn’t live that far from me, so shouldn’t take too long to get your stuff.”

“Well if you live close by there’s no need for me to come to yours then. I mean it would be easier on you if I stayed at mine and you could just check in every now and again.”

“No, I promised your mum, and I don’t live that close.”

Alex’s house was not what I expected. He lived in a very cute little cottage in Dulwich Village. I’ve never been to this side of Dulwich before! It’s  a very trendy area with plenty of artsy bars and shops. This is exactly how my dream house would have looked like. My mouth is hanging open as Alex Opens the front door, that has cute little door knocker.  “Come in. sorry it’s a bit messy.”

I step inside the small hallway. Alex deposits his blazer on small coat hanger and I did the same. I was suddenly aware of how close we were standing, and how alone we are and will be for the entire weekend. God he’ll drive me up the wall!

I look up to see Alex watching me… “What?”

“Nothing, let me show you around… there’s nothing much to show really.”

“Sure there is. It’s Lovely place, really.”  I smile up at him.

“Ah so you can smile.”  He laughed. “Come on. “Over here is my very enchantingly chaotic Living room.” I stepped in and stood there for a second before laughing. There was a carpet of paper and random take away boxes around the place. His X box was out as if he like to take brakes to from marking to play. “I don’t think I could find more perfect words to describe your living room.”

“Not to worry by the time you get comfortable and changed and…. shit, it will be tidy.” Alex smiled and stepped back. From seeing him around the school for the entire week and thinking of him as “Mr. O’Neil” It was really weird hearing him swear so casually. He showed me into the very large and surprisingly spotless kitchen. “This is where I make most of my coffees and make magical recipes.”

“Yeah is that why you have so many take away boxes.” I said under my breath.

“What’s that Lilly?”


“That’s what thought.” He chuckled. He had a very infectious laugh. Like a mischievous little boy.  Come on. I have quite a few little rooms. This cottage is a bit like harry potter and its tents…. You know when everything is-

“I know what you mean- read the books…”


“Geek…. Kind of goes with the territory and yes I love the Spiderwick Chronichals….”

“The what?”

“Nothing... Tour?”

“Oh yes… dining room!”

Alex was quite right when he said the cottage was like the tents from Harry Potter… it seemed small but there were more rooms than I originally thought. The room that I was to use for the weekend was almost as large as the one I had At Ludovic’s… I still haven’t begone think of there as my home…

Alex was being quite nice… maybe he was always kind of alright; maybe it was just his aunt...

Oh just don’t think about it too much… didn’t the bible say forgive and forget… I can forgive.


I know what your thinking. pathetic exscuse for a  chapter T_T

I haven't had writer block or anything like that and I haven't been busy....well I promis to uploud more frequently I have no life since I failed forensic science and I wont get into uni *Sighs*...oh well!

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