say you love me chapter 6 (a teacher student relationship)

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“Lilly I was wondering where you went.” I was interrupted from my inner babble Edith- no Elinor? I remember Edith wore a black formal dress where as her twin sister Elinor wore a lovely flowing emerald green that that flattered her pale complexion. “Hi, Elinor.” I slurred.

Elinor shook her head and laughed. “You my dear is more than a little bit drunk.”

“....Is it that obvious?” I robbed my head. I was beginning to get a bit of a headache; everyone sounds like a massive bee buzzing in my ear.

“You look at bit pale.”

“Really? I don't feel so good...”

“come on.” Elinor extended her hand and I took it. She led me out of the ball room back to the grand staircase. “I'll tell your mum you had a headache so your gone to lay down. Okay?” Elinor gave me a hug. “do you need help getting up the stairs?”

“No, I think I can make it.”

“OK. I hope you learnt your lesson.”

“Yes, alcohol is bad.” I was begging to regret those four glasses of champagne. “God I'm a light weight....” Elinor laughed and hugged me one last time before going back to the party. I stood there watching as she disappeared down a hall. I let out a massive sigh before slowly heading up the stairs. I was on the second floor when I decide to take of my heels they were seriously killing me! Almost there Lilly. My head was pounding when I reached the third floor. I stood at the top of the stairs and tried to steady myself I was feeling a bit faint. That's when I heard I strange noise coming from my right. My curiosity got the better of me and I had forgotten about my dizziness. I peered round to the right. The light was off but some of the light from the stairways allowed me able to make out two figures. What of the two was kneeling down in front of the one that was lent against against the wall...

“shit Rebecca I said no...” oh crap its Rebecca and Mr. O'Neil!

“Come on Alex, I know for a fact you like it when I put your big-

I couldn't listen any more I quickly ran into my room and slammed the door. Before I close it I heard Mr. O'Neil swear. Oh my god how am I going to face him at school after seeing that! How am I going to face him in the morning! He's disgusting- she's was- OK don't. just stop! I shook my head fiercely. I wanted to get the image of them out of my mind.

I quickly got undressed out of the retched dress I couldn't be bothered to take off my makeup. I put on the baggy T-shirt and shorts I brought with me before finally going under the covers of the very inviting king sized bed. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

Alex's P.O.V

“Fuck sake Rebecca.” I pushed her off me and zipped my pants back up. She stood up looking back at me with pure rage. “That little bitch was watching us!”

“oh just Fuck off Rebecca.” I stormed into my bedroom opposite me and closed the door I made sure to lock it incase she tried to follow me.” I rested my head against the door. “shit... this will be awkward on Monday...” maybe I should apologise... Rebecca's such a bitch sometime- how could she say that about lilly. She doesn't even know the her... but do I for that matter? Maybe she's like her mother?

I think I should apologise. I spun around to face my room. There was door that joined with the room next to mine. I walked over and knocked three times...

Lilley's P.O.V

The unexpected knocking made me jump right out off my bed. I landed in a heap on the floor. “Is everything aright in there. A door I hadn't noticed before at the far left of my room swung open and Mr. O'Neil came in with a concerned look on his handsome face.” He took one look at me and laughed. “sorry.” he said and before I could respond he was beside me helping me up off the floor.

“...Thanks...” I looked at the floor I was trying to concentrate on not thinking about him and her. I could feel myself blushing as the image of Mr. O'Neil and his girlfriend.

“Lilly I'm sorry... you wasn't suppose to see that.” I looked up at Mr. O'Neil he was blushing furiously.

“Don't worry about it Mr. O'Neil.”

“Alex. Our parent are getting married for god sake.”

“What, when did this happen, mum never told me she and Ludovic were engaged.” Alex ran his hands through his hair. “He's planning on asking her...” Alex didn't look too pleased about that. “well... I wanted to say sorry and I've said that now so...” Alex trailed off

I sat down on my bed. “...Yeah you did...”

“Are you okay.” I could here concern in Alex's voice.

“I feel a bit used.”


“Alcohol. Its like a guy that uses you for sex and doesn't call you back. That's how I feel now.”

“Oh... I've never thought of it like that. But I suppose you're right.”

I leaned back on the bed resting on my elbows and looked up at Alex. “Good night Alex.”

Alex frowned he had a strange look on his face. He smiled “Good night Lady Lillian.” and with that he walked out of my room back through the door that connected our two rooms.

Bit of a short chapter. Gosh Rebecca is a bit of a slag. I'll try to speed thing along more in the next chapter. It will be Lilly at school, YAY lol hmm ok well vote and comment I got quite few votes last time yay! Me likies!! :) xxxx

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