say you love me chapter 5 :)

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Chapter 5

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The garden was beautiful with a a small fountain. There were three cute little blue tits around, it looked like they were playing who can stay the longest under water. Reluctantly I pulled my eyes away to feast my eyes upon Ludovic's family's beautiful home. It was biggest house I'd seen in my entire life. Any minute now a lady with beautiful long flowing gown would appear suddenly sitting at the porch knitting as she watched her husband water the plants... well maybe realistically it would be gardener, and the lady would be a snooty cow. “Lilly...” Ludovic was looking at me with a worried expression on his handsome face. Why does he reminded me of somebody...

“huh?, Oh... sorry, what did you say?”

“Is something wrong? You seemed a bit, how do you say...ah, worried? Don't worry their all nice.”

reluctantly I followed Ludovic and my mum to porch to knock on the door. They probably have a butler. To my surprise a elegant lady opened the door. She was beautiful around Ludovic's age (late 30s, early 40s) she looked a lot like Ludovic. They both had they same piercing green eyes and tall elegant limbs. But instead of having the dark brown hair as Ludovic's hers however, were of a lovely honey gold colour. Wow, it's as perfect as the women on those annoying shampoo adverts!

“Ludovic! Finally.” she pulled him into a warm hug before pulling away to look at me and my mum. She smiled warmly at us both, however the warmth didn't seem to reach her eyes. There was a hint of disapproval in her emerald green eyes...

“You must be Amalie and Lillian. The lady gave us both hugs and air kisses. She smelt quite lovely too. Ludovic began to speak in French. “this is my younger sister Edith. There's two of them, but my other sister- Edith's twin couldn't make it-”

“Actually she's having brunch with mum and dad.” Edith smiled.

“Oh... I'll go and see her after I show Amalie and Lilly to there rooms.”

“No, don't worry I can do that.” Edith smiled at me and mum.

“Go on Ludovic. Leave us girls to it then.” mum gave him a small kiss before he disappeared down a brightly lit hall.

“This way.”

Edith led us up the beautiful grand staircase. My fingers traces the smooth mahogany banister as we waked up. Everything in this place screamed beauty and history. I went off into a daydream of me in Victorian times coming down these very steps to my waiting consort. I shook the image of Mr. O'Neil out of my mind. when did I become such a-a girl!

“ Lillian your room is on third floor. There is a lift however, now that my father finds it quite difficult to move with the arthritis in his leg...” Edith said with the first bit of emotion entering her voice.

mum made a sympathetic face. “I remember when I was a girl, my great aunt would always complain about the pains... whenever somebody would ask if she needed help she'd shout and tell them where to stick there help.” Mother laughed sadly. Edith however just made a face as if something repulsive was in the air. Mum didn't seemed to notice. When we came to the 3rd floor I was exhausted. On the way I found out that the house had only four floors. If only they weren't so many steps in-between. Next time i'm taking take the lift. There were only three rooms on this floor. Edith stopped outside I large oak door. She turned the door handle and it swung open with a small creek. We all stepped inside.

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