SAy you love me chapter 8

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I'm sorry I took so long to post... I had a sort of nervous brake down after..something happened.... but any-who I'm better now :) and I hope yall comment and vote! Cos I want to know what you think :)



It was 7:15am on a Monday morning and I was still in bed. I should be leaving in the next 15 minutes but I just cant be asked. Maybe if I hide under my bed until my mum leaves for work she'll think I went to school. no... I need to pee.  I raised myself out off bed it took all my will power to do so. I went to the bathroom.  As I was washing my hands I decided I might as well take a shower. My cloths were off in a matter of seconds and I was stepping into the shower. You know this just what I need, a nice hot shower. I turned on the shower and waited for the water to come but did not. "What the... "I stepped out and off the shower and tried the water from the tap. Water came out and then there was a low drown as if it were some sort of beast and then the water stopped abruptly. "god every time!" I exited out of the bathroom to knock on mums door. I knew Ludovic stayed the night so I didn't want to barge in without knocking.

"Lilly?" mum asked from the other side.

"no, its the tooth fairy I've come to take your teeth- of course its me. Are you both decent?" The door was open before they could respond. To my relief they were both sitting in bed looking decent enough. "There's no water. I'm not going to school without a shower." I said stubbornly. To be honest I wasn't very enthusiastic about facing Alex in English. The guys is a complete ass hole!

"That's It Amalie. You and Lilly pack your bags." Ludovic said simply.

"What?"  mum and I said in chorus.

"Your both living with me from now on. Besides it will be easier to do it before the wedding."

"does that mean I don't have to go to school?" you didn't have to see my broad smile to see I was glad about that.

"Well... I suppose your right... at least I wont have to worry about yet another water problem."

"Good. Lets get packing then!"

 Me and my mum had a lot of things we decided on taking all our cloths and the necessaries we needed before coming back on Saturday to bring some more stuff.  I had to pack my suitcase twice because mum ardored me to fold everything instead of chucking it all in.                       


My bedroom was very different from my old one. For one the sealing wasn't black with damp and mildew. When I spoke it didn't look as if I was smoking and If I looked under the bed you didn't see a stash of books in boxes because there wasn't enough room on my bookshelf.  Instead you the room was double the size of my old room. Everything was clean and new looking including the walls white and chocolate brown floor bored. No longer the single bed I've had for most of my life but a large king sized bed. However I had brought with me a few things that were from my room, including my keyboard and laptop.

I arrived to school next Tuesday morning slightly early.

"Do have to go in." my eyes were turned up at the imposing building.

"Oh not again... don't you like it here?"

I spun back to my mum feeling guilty. She worked so hard so she could aford to send me. "Of course! I just have a itchy throat!" mum smiled at me "Okay. Give me kiss before you." I smiled her and kissed her on the cheek before getting out of mums old yellow car that had rust coming up against the door frame and in the corners of the handles.  Mum waved goodbye before driving off. Reluctantly made my way up the steps and entered through the gates. There were already a lot of kids walking in. As I made my way across the school grounds I noticed Charlie and the BOMs. They were stood in a group laughing to themselves. I was glad I walked passed them without them even noticing. "He's so sexy!" Charlie friends giggled to themselves. I wonder who they're talking about? I stood waiting at the in the hall at room 108. English. Mr. O'Neil was now printed in capitals. My breathing started becoming shallow. Oh my god I think I'm hyperventilating! Somebody taped me on my shoulder and I spun round to meet. A very smiling boy with dark curly blonde hair and dark blue eyes that twinkled with mischief. "Hey. Its Lilly isn't it." suddenly struck by shyness I couldn't find the the words to say, so I nodded my head. "It's Tommy do you remember me?" he frowned slightly looking disappointed. "Of course I remember, my memory only goes every five days." crap a boy talks to me and I'm rude. To my surprise Tommy laughed. I looked to the side and saw a few girls looking at us curiously. One girl in particular was Charlie who looked at me with hatred. Tommy looked to see who was looking at and frowned then leaned down to whisper in my ear.. "Don't worry she hates everyone that's prettier."  My cheeks grew hot. "Lilly could you move away from the door." I looked to left to see Alex waiting politely. "Oh... sorry Al- sir." Tommy pulled me to the side to let him open the door. "Do you want to go out?" He asked bluntly. The class was beginning to enter the classroom. "Sorry I have English..." Tommy laughed again. "No not now. You know on the weekend." I blushed slightly as I looked up at Tommy he he had mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "On a date?"

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