Chapter 1

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Yahaba's POV:

It's 6:00. My phone starts playing some pop song that Oikawa felt like making my alarm this week. It was happy-sounding, and that gave me even more energy than before. I'm starting my second year at Aoba Josai, which means more people, and more chances to find my soulmate. I hope that they're nicer than they seem from the tattoo. I let my phone keep playing music as I get ready. Before I put the jacket on for my uniform, I look at my tattoo.

The center is a yellow wolf with black stripes on the side of its scruff. Below it is a teal and white volleyball. Its surrounded by yellow and teal flowers in the shape of a diamond. The empty space between the design and the diamond of flowers is dark blue. I stare at it for a moment, feeling scared. It worries me how aggressive the rest of the tattoo is. I know the volleyball and the flowers are my part of it. The other parts though... they concern me. Oh well! They're going to be perfect for me regardless.

I look at the time and see it's 6:45. Shoot! I was supposed to meet Oikawa right now to walk to school! I put on my jacket and grab my bag. Before leaving the room, I strike a quick pose in the mirror. Yahaba, you are fabulous. Then I look down at my watch and run out of my room, down the stairs and out of the house. I guess no breakfast this morning.

"Yoohoo! Cream-puff Chan!

"Ugh, he still calls me that? Oh well, it is Oikawa after all. How does Iwaizumi put up with this dude as his soulmate?" I think while saying "Hi Oikawa-senpai!" while waving.

We walk to Iwaizumi's house together as always. We get there pretty fast. I stand near the edge of his fence while Oikawa runs up to the doorbell and rings it about fifty times while yelling, "Iwa-Chan, your beloved soulmate is here! Come on out!"

Instead of Iwaizumi, his mother comes out. She laughs at him before telling him that Iwaizumi left early to set up the gym for new members. Oikawa's face falls as he probably remembers that it was his job to do that, but Iwaizumi has done it again for the second year in a row.

"Iwa darling, I'm coming! Get a move on Cream-puff Chan, we have to get to Iwa-chan!!"

He started running. I mean, I've seen him run before, but never this fast. He sprinted the entire way to the school, which usually takes the three of us thirty minutes to walk. For him, it took ten today. I'd say he's inhuman, but that would only make him mad. I jogged the whole way there, taking another ten minutes. Stopping in front of the gym I hear the sound of a volleyball being spiked. I walk in and see Oikawa nad Iwaizumi already practicing.

"Yoohoo, Cream-puff Chan! What took you so long?"

"Aren't you supposed to be setting up for the new members? Practice starts in fifteen minutes."

"Damn it, Shittykawa, that's what we're supposed to be doing right now" Iwaizaumi practically growled at the team captain.

"But how am I supposed to focus on that when all I want to do is spend time with my darling Iwa-chan?" Oikawa said, kissing Iwaizumi's cheek.

"Stop it. There's someone else here you dumbass. Let's get this done and then maybe, you can spend time with me."

"Yay!! Let's get to work the Iwa-chan! I can't do this without my lovely co-captain and soulmate Iwa!" Oikawa says, trying to hug Iwaizumi and being pushed away.

It's clear that they are soulmates, even if their matching tattoos on their necks weren't visible. They defiantly aren't your usual tattoos, being split in half. One side has a light blue backing and a design of Godzilla and a butterfly, while the other side had a dark blue background with a UFO and a volleyball. A volleyball net takes up the top space of the tattoo, intertwining with both colors.

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