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Cassidy laughed.

She didn't know what else she was supposed to do. These people were obviously playing a joke on her. There was no way they were serious.

Detective Wyatt looked at her quizzically.

"Are you okay Ms Monte?" he asked in a calm voice.

She nodded. She chuckled as she spoke.

"You almost made me cry with that joke. You are joking right? There's no way my sister is involved."

She knew they were wrong. They had to be wrong. There was no way they were correct.

"I'm sorry Ms Monte, but Rose is one of our suspects."

"You're wrong. My sister isn't a murderer. She can't be one of your suspects," she argued.

Her smile dropped from her face slowly. There was no trace of humour on either detectives faces. They were telling her the truth. She just didn't want to hear it.

"From CCTV footage, you sister was seen following four of the six families murdered in the past six months. If we go back to the murders committed in the past years, a few of them can be linked to Rose. She was friends with several of the victims."

"Why would she kill her friends?"

"It's believed she became friends with the victims to easily learn their pattern before she killed them."

Cassidy pushed her chair back and stood. She couldn't remain seated any longer. She paced the floor behind her chair. She didn't know what to think.

She knew Rose. At least she had known Rose. Sure they had been separated for twelve years but that didn't mean Rose was the killer. Maybe someone was framing her. Or maybe it was the other suspect that was the real killer. And there was just one big misunderstanding.

She stopped pacing and looked at the detectives.

"What about your other suspect? He could have been the one who committed the crimes."

Detective Jones answered her this time.

"He could be the murderer, yes. That's why we're trying to pull the two suspects in for questioning. We were able to contact Mr Hunt's family who we're hoping can lead us to him. As her closest relative, we were hoping you could lead us to Ms Monte. Today is the twentieth. We have seven days to find both suspects before something unthinkable happens."

"What rotten luck that I don't know where she is. We could have cleared this up one time."

Detective Jones and Wyatt looked at her pitifully.

"Ms Monte, I need you to understand. The probability that your sister is actually the killer is much higher than the probability of Mr Hunt being the killer."

Cassidy shook her head over and over as she paced. This wasn't true. This couldn't be true. She had been searching for her sister for so long. There was no way that this person they were talking about was her sister. Her sister wasn't this evil. Her sister would never do such a thing.

"You have the wrong person. Rose would never hurt a soul. She was the best sister ever and she took care of me whenever I needed someone there," Cassidy argued.

"It's been twelve years since you've seen your sister. Twelve years is a long time. It's enough time for a person to change," Detective Wyatt said.

Cassidy faced him squarely and held his gaze.

"You're wrong. Rose isn't that sort of person. You don't know who you're talking about," she said and then took her purse.

She couldn't listen to anything more. They were telling lies. There was no way any of this was the truth. Her sister wasn't that kind of person. She stormed out the door and got out of the police station as fast as she could.

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