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It was the next morning and Sana had her usual lecture in twenty minutes. She hasn't seen Dahyun ever since she saw her in the café. Nothing from her since then.

It's when she hears a knock on a door while she's munching on some toast for breakfast she realizes that the hot, rude, silver headed girl finally made her way back to the apartment.

Sana unlocks the door and opens it, finding Dahyun in the same outfit she had on yesterday but it was a little unkempt.

"Where were you?" Sana asked as she closed the door behind Dahyun and sat back down to continue eating, "I saw you at the café yesterday when I was out with my friend. It was the last time I saw you."

Dahyun sighed as she removed her leather jacket leaving her in the black tube top, shorts and fishnets. Her removing her jacket revealed more tattoos Sana didn't see before. Sana looked down as she felt her cheeks heat up.

"Went out," Dahyun replied dryly.

"It was your first night here, Dahyun, and you were out all night," Sana took a good look at Dahyun's disheveled appearance, "Look at you. Where have you been?"

Dahyun didn't respond but instead chugged down a glass of water. Sana scoffed when a thought on where Dahyun popped up into her mind.

"My god, were you in someone's bed last night?" She asked in disgust.

"So what if I was?" Dahyun bluntly asked as she ran her fingers through her hair and crossed her arms, "Besides, it's none of your business, pinky."

Dahyun walked to her room and slammed the door which made Sana huff a breath.

"My name is Sana, by the way! I'd appreciate it if you say it!" She exclaimed before she pouted.

Me: Dahyun just got back. She was in someone's bed last night doing whatever. Gross.

Nayeon: Ah, so she's one of those people then?

Me: Nay, you literally saw what she looked like. Of course, she is. I honestly didn't know what I was expecting.

Nayeon: Yikes then. Sucks for you, you can't make a move.

Me: As if I'll hit on her. Smh.

Nayeon: But, you are attracted to her. You literally told me that she was the hottest girl you've ever seen.

Me: Whatever. I'm about to leave for the lecture. Meet you there?

Nayeon: Mhm. See you.

Sana went to her bedroom and picked up her bag but before she left for her lecture, she wrote a note for Dahyun to read and left it on the table.

For breakfast, there are some leftover pancakes I made yesterday and you can heat them up if you want. But, if that's not your cup of tea, then you can just do the same thing I did today and make some toast. I'm heading to my lecture and I'll be back later.
- Sana

Sana was wearing a flowy dress on with cute white heels. She had her pink hair into a half up, half down hairdo, and also had her signature pearl necklace around her neck. When she arrived at the lecture hall with her purse hung from the crook of her arm, the usual happened. People stopped what they were doing and landed their eyes on her but, she was looking for one person. It's when she finally spotted Nayeon she relaxed and politely made her way to the empty seat Nayeon saved for her.

"Lookin' good as always," Nayeon winked.

Sana snickered, "Thanks, I guess."

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