Part 4

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Just letting you know the USJ attack hasn't happened yet meaning the sports festival hasn't either.


The kid was young. Too young. He shouldn't be doing stupid shit like this at 16. Forgetting that though, the kids good. Really good. Has outrun me a couple times and landed a couple blows when we've ran into each other (times I didn't mention).
So sitting here talking to the nurses finding out he's been abused erks me. He could hold himself against me. So, why doesn't he fight back? As far as I can see in his fathers files he doesn't have any kind of fighting background. It should be easy for someone of his level to take him down.
"Aizawa, how do you feel about taking in Midoriya?" Tsukauchi feels as though it's a good idea to have the problem child stay with a pro to make sure he doesn't escape during his time here.
"I'd have to ask Hizashi. Knowing him though, yeah." I'm not gonna lie. I've taken a liking to the kid. He's smart and strong. Not to mention, even though he has the facilities for it he's never killed anyone. Even though he's quirkless he most definitely could be a hero.

Izuku POV

I've been sitting in the interrogation room for about two hours since Eraserhead and principal Nezu came and spoke to me. My head was sitting on the table in front of me while my cuffed hands were holding the weight of it.
Maybe I should take a nap. Get my mind off of things while they figure out what to do with me.... I wonder if they've told father yet....
Right as I'm about to close my eyes and give into the darkness a loud blonde man slams the door open. I slowly bring my head up slightly annoyed that I was gonna finally get some sleep only to be interrupted. Only for that annoyed expression to change into admiration.
The one and only Present Mic has walked into the room with a smile plastered on his face. Along with Eraserhead. I'm not gonna lie I really like Present Mic and Eraserhead. They were probably two of the very few hero's I actually liked. I found that hero's were hero's only for fame and money. There was only one hero I actually despised. That was Endeavor.
I've done research on all of the hero's in case I've run into any of them. So I'd know their strengths and weaknesses. While I was researching Endeavor I discovered something horrific. He was abusing his family. It hit close to home and I felt terrible for his family. Especially his youngest son. He was put through the brute of it all.
"Hey little listener I'm Present Mic you'll be living with us for a little while!" Present Mics booming voice brought me back to reality as I processed his words. Living with "them?" As in Present Mic AND Eraserhead? This must be so I don't try to escape. Well done plan on their side.
"Come on kid let's get going." I look up at Eraserhead. I just nod not wanting to fight and clearly tired. I just want to sleep to be honest.
   "You don't have to hide your relationship around me by the way. I know you two are together. Along with have a kid." I say with a monotone voice.
   "H-how do you know t-that??" Present Mic was shocked and Eraserhead didn't have his usual 'I don't give a shit' look on his face. More of a 'the hell did he just say' type of face.
   "I've done my research on all of you pros and to say I've stumbled upon quite a few things is an understatement. I would feel bad if I kept you two from acting out your relationship in the only place you can since you feel as though you shouldn't tell the community yet. Now can we go? I'm tired." They both look at me a bit surprised. After about a second or two though Eraserhead has gone back to his normal self and has unlocked my cuffs.
   "Don't try anything." I look up at Eraserhead with a knowing look as if to tell him 'I'm too tired for this shit anyways'. With that we walk out of the police station and into a sleek black car.

-At the Apartment-

They lived in a decent apartment on the nice side of town. Perks of being a pro I guess. The whole car ride Present Mic was talking while Eraserhead tried not to fall asleep at the wheel. While I did fall asleep. They woke me up telling me were here though and I got out with no complaints.
   "Come on I'll show you your room. Hizashi is going to bed." Eraserhead points to Present Mic then ushers me forward. I nod and go with no hesitation. I learned to just go with things over the years when it comes to guardians. If they don't get what they want who knows what might happen. Now I'm in a house with two pros, I really wouldn't stand a chance if they wanted to beat me either. Who knows if it's going to be better or worse here. I might as well just be compliant.
   We walk into the apartment and into a nice living room. Finding a sleek black sofa and two black chairs along with a big tv and coffee table. We then walk past it into a kitchen that has a white marble top and stainless steel appliances. It was very modern and beautiful to say the least. We then walk into a hallway to see four doors. Present Mic walks into the first door on the right and says goodnight while Eraserhead and I continue to walk down the hall to the door on the far left.
   "This will be your room. It was our sons old room so if you want we can get any kinds of decorations you want if you don't like it, but for now I hope it will suffice." With that he opens the door.
(Use the picture above as a reference just without the loft bed, it's just a regular queen sized bed) It's a large room with a queen sized bed and a sofa along with a tv. The back wall was a boring grey but I planned to change that. (pretend that the graffiti isn't there just yet lol.) Maybe I could paint the back wall myself? Add a little flair?? I doubt they would care then again I don't feel like getting in trouble. Getting beat by a pro hero sounds like it would hurt like hell.
   "What do you think Midoriya?" I snap my head up to Eraserhead. After getting lost in my thoughts I forgot he was there.
   "O-oh it's great. Thank you Eraserhead." I manage to stutter out. Damnnit stop stuttering you sound weak...
   "You can call me Aizawa and call Present Mic Hizashi. We're your guardians now no need to be formal unless we're at school. Which then you need to call us sensei." He puts a hand on my shoulder making flinch thinking he's going to hit me. He pulls back quickly being put back by my sudden flinching.
  "Oh okay. Thanks Aizawa." I smile at him. Maybe he doesn't mean any harm?
   "Make sure you get plenty of rest you'll be starting school tomorrow."
   "Right I forgot about that." I honestly did forget about that. I wonder what class I'll be in. Hopefully not the same as Bakugo. Then again if I am I'll be able to beat his ass for a reason....
   "Goodnight Midoriya."
He turns around and leaves shutting the door quietly trying not to wake everyone up. I climb up onto the bed and close my eyes letting all of today's events sink in.
UA..huh.... guess I'll be a real hero...

Make sure you read chapter 3 if you haven't already I updated it Sunday May 10th 2020 and changed a few things :)

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